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    If you are a minor in need of help, please contact:
  • Canada: Kids Helpline:  1-800-668-6868
  • Child Help USA:  1-800-4-A-CHILD
  • Covenant House Nineline:  1-800-999-9999
  • United Kingdom:  ChildLine on 0800 1111
  • U.K. ChildLine:
  • Scotland Hotline:   0800 022 3222
  • Australia:   Kids Help Line 1800 55 1800
  • Australia:  Kids Help Line
  • Jamaica: Child Abuse Hotline:  2-1-1
  • Jamaica's Registry: 1-888-PROTECT (1-888-776-8328)
  • Sri Lanka: Child Help Line:  1929

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Too Scared 
My parents call me failure. A big mistake. Stupid. Ugly. Idiotic. An evil spirit sent to harm the family. A piece of garbage. Worthless. They also physically …

Cancer Took Mom 
I'm 13 years and my mom died when I was five. Back then my dad loved me but ever since our mom died he has abused us, but he no longer does. So me and …

Abuse in Question  
I struggle with my body image even though I'm only thirteen. I see the girls at school with their thin legs and flat stomachs and I wonder, why can't I …

Multiple Family Abusers 
As a child, I think I had a sign embedded on my forehead "Abuse me" because I seemed to be a magnet for abusers. My abusers were members of my family, …

Still Comes Back 
I'm now forty but the fact I was abused in every way for almost half of my life still comes back. I thought I had dealt with it, clearly I haven't. Starts …

Homeschooled Stepmother Nightmare 
My name is Samantha. I'm 16 years old almost 17. I'm still living my nightmare. My mom died when I was 3 of colon cancer and my dad was left to raise …

My Husband Abused Daughter 
My 8 years old daughter just told me that my husband kissed her on her mouth and asked her to grabbed his part. She said that he was asking her if she …

Father Still Abusive 
I am typing this in hopes to maybe make me feel more better. I am emotionally and was physically abused by my father. When I was young, my mother and father …

Not Me My Brother  
My little brother went through tons of verbal abuse. And also physical. He was hit, slapped, pushed around, and beaten and also endured yelling and screaming …

Singled Out by Parents 
Right now I am a 15 year old girl, the second child out of 4 children in my family. I have been treated very badly verbally from my parents for the past …

Innocence Taken 
My abuse started at 4 yrs old with abandonment issues from our birth parents right into sexual abuse from an uncle that went on for 6 years every weekend …

Told It Was Normal 
Time and time again, I have tried to share my story but I have never known how to start. However I've realised over the last year that it does not matter …

Witnessing Abuse of Brothers 
I was 3 or 4 years old. Mom was fixing a supper of fried potatoes and sausage at the wood stove. Supper was almost ready. Dad came inside asking, "who …

Will Never Recover 
I am 13 years old. My brother who is 8 years my senior used to sexually abuse me. I do not know exactly when it began or when it stopped but I do remember …

Coping is Hard  
At the age of three my mother married my step-father At first I thought it was nice because my siblings and I had a father figure. it wasn't very long …

Violent Mother 
I was in fourth grade when it started. At first is was only a hard smack on the bottom enough to leave welts. After that it progressed and be came more …

Started as a Toddler 
It all started when I was two or three well my earliest memories anyway. My father would come into my room and sexually touch me and rape me in my private …

Felt Rejected and Isolated 
My abuse does pale in comparison to others but writing it anyway. Mine is sexual, verbal, emotional, and physical. At around 2 years of age we lived …

Coping is Difficult 
Before I was born my older sister was taken into care when she was 18 months old. My Dad went to prison accused of causing her to have multiple broken …

Can't Stop Remembering 
When I was a kid I was sexually abused. I was very small; pre-memory-forming small - at least when it started. I can't fully remember who did it and …

Violent Upbringing  
I was born to a low income family. My dad was a part time iron worker part time drug dealer. Eventually my dad stepped his hustle game up and moved me …

Mother Not Trustworthy 
When I was 5 my life changed altogether. On Christmas day I was so excited to open my presents and have dinner with my family, but it didn’t turn out how …

Wanting to Heal 
I don't really talk about this to anyone about what happened to me as a child. Now I am an adult and I feel I never got to heal from my past experiences. …

Abused Just Once 
I'm 21 and diagnosed with BPD (bi polar disorder). I've been receiving mental health help since I was 14. I've even been in-patient at 15 because I tried …

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Flashbacks of Sexual Abuse 
I'm 15, and I've always have had flashbacks of me being sexually abused. I got sexually abused when I was around 6. It happened in Mexico. I remember him …

Tired From It All 
Last year in July, my counselor asked me about my childhood. And I revealed how violent my dad was... I knew what he did was violent, but all my life I …

I'm An Offender 
So, ive wrote on here b4, under a dif name... and I had oral sex with her autistic son in our house, she still doesn't know. then my wife told me its either …

Abused By Mum's Boyfriend  
When I was younger my mum met this man and he started sexually abusing me when I was 6. This happen every day of my life till I was 8. He used to shout …

Letting It All Out 
2ND GRAD I walk from school to home and my father would say come downstairs and look at something so I would. And my father was a mean person, what else …

Three Strikes You're Out 
March 10th, 2000 was a wonderful day to some, and to others, it was just another day. However, this day to me literally made me who I am. I was born …

My Child Victimized 
Once a victim of the mother of possible victim by the same abuser: First, I'll give a brief story of my personal experience as a child, …

No Love In Sight 
My older Brother S always tried to touch me from as young as I can remember. One night, my uncle picked me up out of bed, touched me, and passed me to …

So Very Troubled 
ive been on here before, and any normal person would have listened to the advice. problem # 1 im a alcoholic... I wake up to not wanting to drink, but …

Lost in Lust and Abuse 
The first time I can remember being touched inappropriately was by my mom when I was 4 maybe. It was only one time but it has stained me. There was also …

Neighbour Abused Me 
I don't know whats wrong with me. When I was 6 or 7 years old, I was sexually abused by our neighbour, an elderly man in his 60's or 70's. However, I somehow …

Constant Child Abuse 
Child abuse, a constant in my life from when i do and when i cant remember. The first memory was when i lived in a christian foster home, every night their …

Things Turned Bad 
Well when I was three I thought life couldn't be better but then things started turning bad. My dad was obsessed with video games and he started drinking …

Changed Historical Abuse Law 
How perseverance can pay off in fight for justice. It enabled me to no longer feel that it was MY fault. I was 'taken'by social services in 1972, ran …

Playing Chicken 
I started crying shortly after entering this site. Something that is quite unusual for me. I read, reread, and then re-reread before deciding to post my …

Told in Diary 
I was born in a province,We are six siblings and I am third from the eldest. When i was five or mybe much younger of that age, Ive know that my father …

My Life of Scars 
I'm only 15, I'm young, I don't know better. I am a good student, an only child. My mother is abusive. Whenever I do something bad she disciplines me and …

Told Lies By Mum 
I think my story is different from the norm. My mother was over protective of me. I was constantly at the doctors for one ailment or another and had to …

Called Terrible Names 
I been mentally and verbally abused growing up. I was called flicked, deformed and much more. I was even choked by my granddad just because my grandma …

About My Dad 
most mornings and nights (especially on weekends) I would see my mam have to suffer, she would be punched and kicked to the ground. I would have to get …

Does It End 
drug addict dad/dealer saw burnt body blow out car was someone who came 2 kill us (age 6/7) sexually abuse at 6-7 (took someone with me coz i was scared …

Mother Isolated Me 
I remember my mother and father both said they didn't want to have anything to do with me. It was so bad I can remember the first words I said. One of …

Abused by Three Men 
I was molested between the age of 3-10, several times by three different people. I'm 24 years old, but It still haunts me. Every time I go through some …

All 6 Abused 
I was born into a family with four sisters and one brother which was very hard to think about because nothing was ever easy for any of us while living …

All Too Familiar 
I was pleased at first to find this page, and comforted by the realisation that I am far from alone, but after reading the posts I was sickened, and aware …

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Diapered By Misguided Mother 
Gonna try and get some bad memories off my chest. I suffer from from very emotional times at the hands of my mother who to most people appeared to be a …

Beaten By Mother 
When I was a child, my mother used to beat me. She put my head through a wall one time and I suffered beating after beating from her until I was the age …

I Didnt Intervene 
Today I went to the mall, and as I was leaving when it was closing, I saw this couple with 4 kids walking. I think they are the parents of the 4 kids. …

Archived Child Abuse Stories by Visitors 2014 
The real sad thing about the abuse comes many different side effects and they are all devastating to children while growing up and will take this through …

Archived Child Abuse Stories by Visitors 4th Quarter 2013 
It was not very long time ago, I’m not in that city there anymore, I flew away to this lovely place To pry myself off that horrid daze. I was, I …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 3nd Quarter 2013 
Being 16 is hard enough as it is, but when you add psychological or trust issues, it gets even worse. When I was 5, I went to hangout at a friend's …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 2nd Quarter 2013 
I am a 36 year old mother and wife. I have lost both my parents and many others I cared for. I am a survivor of many forms of abuse from sexual abuse to …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 1st Quarter 2013 
If you met me today you probably wouldn't notice anything different about me. I appear to be just like every other 16 year old girl.. But I'm not. It …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 4th Quarter 2012 
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT THAT MAY BRING ON TRIGGERS Life Without:   I stood a proud four foot eight inches and came in at a little over five …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 3rd Quarter 2012 
For 15 years of my life I was sexually abused. It all started when I was around 8 I remember my sister used to want to touch my genitals or see them. Sometimes …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 2nd Quarter 2012 
Don't know how to overcome child abuse effects:  I am 31 yrs old, female, from Pakistan. I want to share my story, may be this will be a vent …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 1st Quarter 2012 
I was six years old when my babysitter's fifteen year old son, T--, began molesting me and my little sister. He fondled me, tried to penetrate me and forced …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 4th Quarter 2011 
When I was thirteen my mother physically abused me. We were in the car driving home, she kept asking me these questions about my dad, like weither or not …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 3rd Quarter 2011 
I was sexually abused by my father and brother as a child. It all started when my mother passed away. I was 10 years old at the time. My dad started coming …

Archived Child Abuse Stories by Visitors 2nd Quarter 2011 
I don't even know where to begin. My parents got a divorce when I was 5 years old. I was left with my mom and it was very hard because me and my dad were …

Archived Child Abuse Stories by Visitors 1st Quarter 2011 
Numbness:  I once heard from family members that my grandmother told my father not to whip her so much. Well, my story started back at 3rd …

Archived Child Abuse Stories by Visitors 4th Quarter 2010 
I'm 21 now, and my life cant seem to get any worse. When i was younger, from 5-10 years old i was being sexually abused by my brother on weekdays and by …

Archived Child Abuse Stories by Visitors 3rd Quarter 2010 
I grew up in what most people would consider to be an "ideal" family environment. Two parents living in the home; I am the middle of three children. Financially …

Archived Child Abuse Stories by Visitors 2nd Quarter 2010 
I was 13 and it was right before Christmas. The abuse lasted for two days. I stayed home from school because I hadn't wanted to go. I wanted to stay home …

Archived Child Abuse Stories by Visitors 1st Quarter 2010 
Frightened in Florida:  I have lived in fear practically my entire life. the farthest I can remember is when i was about four when my dad would …

Archived Child Abuse Stories by Visitors 2009 
As I continue to think about things, I realize that at this point, I am struggling with everything that's happened and the effects. And I have no friends …

Archived Child Abuse Stories by Visitors 2008 
I'm not sure what to say or do:  When I was 7, I had my first girlfriend. I loved her so much. We'd walk hand-in-hand to school, sometimes …

Abuse Stories 2007 
I haven't found an abuse story like mine yet. I was physically, emotionally, and mentally abused by my brother, emotionally and mentally by my mother. …

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Indiana, USA

I am so glad that someone is making this cause well known and hoping to help these abused people. I really enjoyed reading the survivors stories even though it was really sad it was also very inspiring. It inspired me to help out and report any abuse that I see. I worked at a daycare and I saw some bruises on a little girl and they were not like oh I fell kind of bruises they were bruises from someones fist. I reported it and she was taken out of that home and now she is in a loving family that loves her. I found a song that relates to child abuse and it is concrete angel by Martina Mcbride if you wanted to add music to your blog. I just want to say thank you for making this blog and that your really are making a difference by informing us on child abuse and a lot more abuse thats out there. God bless


Missouri, USA

I am so opened up about what happened to me, to see I am not alone with my pain, anxiety, anger, rage, wanting to heal that there are others out there that maybe we all can help and get some help from each other. I really want to thank you Darlene for having the strength to let others know what happened to you so they would open up too. GOD BLESS YOU and everyone who has spoken the secret to let it flow out and into GOD'S hands.


Washington, USA

I am doing a project on child abuse for school and I learned a lot from this site.


California, USA

Thank you so much for creating this website. I came across it recently when I was researching child abuse. It helped me a lot when it came to looking at the victim's point of view. I hope your book goes well and helps to fight against child abuse...

Thanks again!


Chicago, USA

I'm really glad people are willing to share their stories because it helps people who are scared to come out in the open. I'm doing a project and this really helps.


Georgia, USA

A note on Darlene. When you start something like this and you're a believer and survivor, things get pretty crazy quickly. Some of us just naturally write and speak better than others. Please know that Darlene wants very much to make comments about all comments made here. I don't know her, but know it's true. We will never stamp out child abuse, but once you start to try, it becomes your life. I speak, I write, I make very little money, but I make a difference. If you struggle every day with your past. Write it down, no matter how badly you write, drag it from your soul. Every time you do this you dispel some of the power it holds on you. Even if you burn it the next day you'll feel better. Know this, if you want to stop child abuse you must heal yourself enough to fight the fight. That in itself should give you the incentive to become the adult you were meant to be, before someone cheated you out of it.


New York, USA

I tripped upon this site and can say that it relieves me to know that such a site exists. I have endured horrifying abuse myself and find it very motivating to share my story here. Thank you so much for letting us be heard.




You think of everything that matters to the visitor to your site that builds up a trust that telling one's story is confidential between you and your visitors who empathise with all forms of abuse suffered. The comments are from the heart, ever so naturally shared back to the teller of the story. I feel so safe at sharing my story and my comments because of your understanding and love for each one. Your stewardship of the site is consoling and noticeably acknowledged as coming from a very caring/loving woman. Your own story gives me great hope in your site being a stepping stone for the abused to move up the ladder of their own life while letting go of the ladder of those who abused them. Thank you.


New Zealand

Some people think it's ok to do child abuse but it's not. To them they think it's a game. Do you really think that having a child is worth it when you're just going to abuse them just because you're the parent of the child and that you brought them into this world? It doesn't make it ok for you to abuse the children just because you're in a bad mood or if the kid has made you mad and aggressive or something like that.

So if you're in child abuse, don't keep it a secret. Tell someone.


New York, USA

I'm doing a report on child abuse, so this helps. Thanks. ;] Very sad stuff. Makes me thankful for what I have.


Illinois, USA

This is 1 emotional site. The stories that I read were sad stories. Now I know not 2 complain about the little things I always complain about because some people have way more 2 complain about.


London, England

Dear Darlene,

I posted my feelings on your site, regarding the emotional as well as physical abuse that I have endured through out my almost twenty one years. I liked your site, because it was informative, helpful, authentic and realistic. Most of all, it has a broad range of areas.

You seem like you are the kind of person that is vibrant and has a warm and intuitive presence. May G-d bless you and bestow you with healing and the continued ability to heal others. May G-d heal all those and comfort and wipe away the visible and invisible pain of any adult, child or infant enduring any kind of pain.

Take care.