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    If you are a minor in need of help, please contact:
  • Canada: Kids Helpline:  1-800-668-6868
  • Child Help USA:  1-800-4-A-CHILD
  • Covenant House Nineline:  1-800-999-9999
  • United Kingdom:  ChildLine on 0800 1111
  • U.K. ChildLine:
  • Scotland Hotline:   0800 022 3222
  • Australia:   Kids Help Line 1800 55 1800
  • Australia:  Kids Help Line
  • Jamaica: Child Abuse Hotline:  2-1-1
  • Jamaica's Registry: 1-888-PROTECT (1-888-776-8328)
  • Sri Lanka: Child Help Line:  1929

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Child Abuse Story from Memorie 
One day my father broke my hand. I went to school for three days with my hand disfigured, purple and swollen. When my mother finally took me to the hospital, …

Child Abuse Story From Jocelynn 
Thief In The Night: I'll forever have that day etched in my mind. I remember that day it was raining pretty hard. I couldn't see 10ft in front …

Child Abuse Story From John M 
My mothers boyfriend started sexually abusing me when I was 8 years old. I had no male figures I could trust much less speak to them about what was going …

Child Abuse Story For My Father From Eva 
Hello I am 14. My father was sentenced to severe abuse and it has to say the least traumatized me. He is dead now...has been for a year. Before when it …

Child Abuse Story From Stenna 
The neighbour:  I am very happy that I am able to share this story to you guys. I am going to tell my own experience which has been haunting …

Child Abuse Story From Rachelle For My Boyfriend 
I come from a poor-ish, but very happy family and I never experienced least not from them. I met my boyfriend about two and a half years ago …

Child Abuse Story From Samantha L 
My dad was a severe drunk abusive to 6 children. He beat our mother on a daily basis. He cheated and drank all of our family money away; often on big-haired …

Child Abuse Story From John 
My mother worked for a pest control company in Tucson Az. when I was 10 and 11 yrs. old. The owner of this company had been close friends with my mother …

Child Abuse Story From Name Undisclosed154 
Well I get 'hit for things like not praying,not ORGANIZING my closet and stuff simple stuff and I go to a class and when you don't look at your religion …

Child Abuse Story From Name Undisclosed153 
Evils:  My parents took drugs, i was young and did not understand this at the time. I grew up with this and it was normal. Everything changed …

Child Abuse Story - Hoshimi's Mother's Story 
I just want to say thank you for having this site so that people could share their abuse and have your advice and giving some hope to those who are suffering …

Child Abuse Story From Emily 
I ran away from home when I was fifteen when my father choked me, and threatened to throw me off the balcony of our fifth story apartment. I ran away to …

Child Abuse Story From Glenn 
My abuse was sexual and was done to me by my uncle. My earliest memory is about age 7 - My mother was often in hospital and my father would leave me & …

Child Abuse Story From Hector L 
I was born in Puerto Rico,my mom and dad divorced when I was just 5 years old. After the divorce dad moved to the united states lived in new York city. …

Child Abuse Story From Bee 
I don't think of myself as a victim but I was definitely a target. Reading the stories here has helped me immensely and I want to thank the webmaster and …

Child Abuse Story From Charlene Part6 
All everybody did was blame me for things that was the grown adults fault and for things that they did and they been doing me like for many years, my who …

Child Abuse Story From Olivia  
I think I was abused when I was little I have never told anyone besides my best friend A--. She said it was abuse, but if I asked the abuser they would …

Child Abuse Story From Emily  
I became abusive:  The saddest thing I deal with is that I became abusive when I was six. I hit a neighbor over the head with a hammer! I was …

Child Abuse Story From Travis 
i was about 5 or 6 yo when i seen my dad on top of my cousin, who was less than a year older than me. she is like a sister to me, and i asked her why she …

Child Abuse Story From Shannon 
That was gross:  I was just bout 6 and were I grew up u could leave ur door unlocked we always walked up to the store at 6 yrs old and there …

Child Abuse Story From Loving Father 
Our family live in Ontario, Canada. We have a son. He just turned 18. One month ago I was arguing with him about his marks in school. He become very angry …

Child Abuse Story From Robert W 
Childhood Horror:  I was born Dec 24 -58 and the reason want too writ my true story is of the truth it self,and some times its difficult because …

Father and Daughter Child Abuse Story 
My name means Cherry Blossom in Japanese. I clearly don't know how I survived or how I lived through a terrible life since I was neglected and left alone. …

Child Abuse Story From C and R 
My brother and I were victims of child neglect. He has severe non-communicative autism. I want to tell this story because I want anyone who went through …

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Child Abuse Story From Name Undisclosed152 
My dad killed my mom when I was little. The police never even knew she was dead because she didn't ever leave the house. Sometimes when I was little my …

Child Abuse Story From Steve 
My dad died in the Korean war, so I lived alone with my mom. We didn't have much money, so we were pretty dependent on her father for groceries and heating …

Child Abuse Story From Lynn 
I am 68 years old. My sexual, emotional and verbal abuse began when I was a toddler. I had dissociated from it so that I went on with my life. I went …

Child Abuse Story From Irene S 
As far as I can recall, my abuse started when I was 5 years old. I remember my older cousins locking me in a room and pretend were going to play and they …

Child Abuse Story From Maddy 
Hard to write that I was abused but ive been encouraged a bit to write it so here it is. When i was 4 or 5 my dad used 2 sit me on his lap a lot and wen …

Child Abuse Story From Kazuya  
My name means 'harmonies arrow' and I try to live up to that name but my life song does not back that up. I was 3 when I first was abused. It was by a …

Child Abuse Story From Autumn 
I'm known as the 'crazy one who made it all up':  When I was 20, at a family party, I had the dutch courage to tell my father that I knew what …

Child Abuse Story From Avril 
The abuse started just after I was born. I was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused until I was 19. I was abused by my parents, my aunt and uncle …

Child Abuse Story From Anonymous79 
From a young age I have been physically and emotionally abused by my mum. On the lucky days, I got away with a slap. However, every other day was the same …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 1st Quarter 2012 
I post on here while back about my sexual abuse that I encounterd when i was child by 11 different guys from the age 2 to 14 years old. But now came up …

Child Abuse Story From Max 
My abuse started at a very young age.My father was the initial offender.It was a mixture of sexual,physical and mental abuse.I look back now at some of …

Child Abuse Story From Emily 
My problem is that i liked hearing dirty jokes and laughing about sex when I was growing up. I was the object of my father's dirty jokes and I enjoyed …

Child Abuse Story From Mary-Theresa 
As a child i was happy from what i remember, mummy loved me, she looked after me and she treated me to toys, i was always looked after. my mum is my hero, …

Child Abuse Story From Samantha B 
Raped:  I went to my uncles house and my uncle asked me if i would like to go four wheeler riding so i said yes.We went down this big long …

Child Abuse Story From Miriam 
Big family with no father to protect me:  I feel sick and dirty I keep blocking out my childhood relatives. I was 9 when my cousins 2 brothers …

Child Abuse Story from Starr 
When I was 11 I was sexually abused by a family friend, my mother never knew about it because she was really ill at the time. At first I never realised …

Child Abuse Story From Julie 
Growing up in a home of incest was my childhood. Starting at age 4 my dad began fondling me. The sexual abuse lasted 10 years. I lost my virginity at14 …

Child Abuse Poem From Kim T 
The child survives the monster, the pump house, the closet, the bathtub, the screaming, the fear, the fear, the fear. Be still. …

Child Abuse Story From Megan 
I'm glad I found this site cause I never understood what had happened and wasn't sure it was abuse. Still not exactly sure since I wasn't raped or touched …

Child Abuse Story From Marie 
I was the unborn baby of 6 children, when my father decided to leave my mother and my 5 siblings. I never met my father untill I was 27 years old, nor …

Child Abuse Story From Denis J 
My childhood was a constant stressful situation. What I could not understand at the time was that I was not at fault for the abuse I endured each and every …

Child Abuse Story From April S 
At 8mo old I was adopted. Never knew I was adopted till I was 17. During those 17yrs I was severely physically, verbally, emotionally, & mentally abused …

Child Abuse Poem From Theforeigner 
It was not very long time ago, I’m not in that city there anymore, I flew away to this lovely place To pry myself off that horrid daze. I was, I …

Child Abuse Story From Stephen H 
My Story Of Healing Not Yet Complete:  i am not at all sure of how this goes so im just going to let it go... i am a victim of physical …

Child Abuse Story From Kristy 
Time to start healing and moving forward!  I'm a 43 year old beautiful mother of four children. I'm tired of keeping secrets. The only way …

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Child Abuse Story From Disabled Survivor Part 2 
I wrote a long time ago about the abuse I went through. I found out recently that it did happen well some of it anyway. My sister confirmed some of my …

Child Abuse Story From Maggie D 
raped 2 15 by my father grandfather dentist uncles he was a union prez insane my body is deformed heartbroken angel saved my life at 2 should have died …

Child Abuse Story From Katie 
I was abused by my mom and sometimes her boyfriends up until about two years ago (I was 13) when I told someone what was going on. It's hard for me to …

Child Abuse Story From Anonymously Haunted 
One of three girls. Im right in the middle. Both parents were both Very abusive and neglectful. On the outside everything looked fine: nice middle class …

Child Abuse Story From Sharon G 
From the time I was 6 my Mother beat the crap out of me.Once when I was 6 my Grand mother made dinner, the spinach was runny. I couldn't stand the look …

Child Abuse Story From Charlene N 
Fighting the Secret:  I am 19 years old. My father passed away when I was three years old. My brother, mom, and I moved across country to try …

Child Abuse Story From Jan 
When being a child hurts:  I was left abandoned by my mother, and put into the care of the ministry child development at the age of two, my …

Child Abuse Story From Betty J 
This is a reflection of what life was like looking back through the eyes of my childhood. Surviving my childhood was'nt easy, though in my mind it was …

Child Abuse Story From Scared Blacksheepgirl 
Some of my disorganized story:  I hope this helps. I feel so pft about it right now. We moved from my parents second home to the third. I was …

Child Abuse Story From Brisa 
From the time I could remember mother hated me.... She pulled my hair till the scalp popped...... She left countless hand marks on my tiny face.... Which …

Child Abuse Story From Cindy  
All my adult life I remember feeling like a yo yo. Not knowing why. I was empty inside, alone, and always afraid. I recall my sister telling me she had …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 3nd Quarter 2013 
It was back in 1948 to 1951 my mother and father used to go out almost every week end and drink and dance. When they did they always used this 17 year …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 1st Quarter 2013 
I do not want to sit and feel sorry for myself what i am trying to say is i was born different and the family people who may not be my biological family, …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 3rd Quarter 2011 
I wrote on here 2 years ago about the abuse I suffered from my dad and stepmom. I am 34 now with a wonderful husband of 10 years and 3 wonderful kids. …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 2nd Quarter 2013 
Why Move Me:  I don't know when the bruises started, i only know when they stopped. I screamed like hell when i was taken away from my parents. …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 4th Quarter 2012 
I was 11 at the time of the abuse. I always thoght my Stepmom was a loving mom but that turned out to be wrong. My sisters and stepsister were eating, …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 3rd Quarter 2012 
Hi, i have been abused in many different ways but their all physical of the abuse that my dad did to me is when he use his belt to abuse me!The …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 2nd Quarter 2012 
I want my older brother to admit what he did to me. He lies all the time and everybody believes him because he is older. I was 12 he was 17 and this happened …

Archived Child Abuse Stories By Visitors 4th Quarter 2011 
I'm a survivor of Child sexual abuse. I'm 49 years old now and am still having profound flashbacks. I went back to seek help at the SACC. My previous counsellor …

Abuse Stories 2007 
I don't really know if I have been emotionally abused, but it seems like it is the case. I was born in the United States. By age three, I was brought to …

Child Abuse Story From Satwinder 
it started from childhood where i was not allow to out not mix with youngs girl controlled by parent it so hard when sikh people think they can abuse children …

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Some Archived Child Abuse Stories on this site:


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Indiana, USA

I am so glad that someone is making this cause well known and hoping to help these abused people. I really enjoyed reading the survivors stories even though it was really sad it was also very inspiring. It inspired me to help out and report any abuse that I see. I worked at a daycare and I saw some bruises on a little girl and they were not like oh I fell kind of bruises they were bruises from someones fist. I reported it and she was taken out of that home and now she is in a loving family that loves her. I found a song that relates to child abuse and it is concrete angel by Martina Mcbride if you wanted to add music to your blog. I just want to say thank you for making this blog and that your really are making a difference by informing us on child abuse and a lot more abuse thats out there. God bless


Missouri, USA

I am so opened up about what happened to me, to see I am not alone with my pain, anxiety, anger, rage, wanting to heal that there are others out there that maybe we all can help and get some help from each other. I really want to thank you Darlene for having the strength to let others know what happened to you so they would open up too. GOD BLESS YOU and everyone who has spoken the secret to let it flow out and into GOD'S hands.


Washington, USA

I am doing a project on child abuse for school and I learned a lot from this site.


California, USA

Thank you so much for creating this website. I came across it recently when I was researching child abuse. It helped me a lot when it came to looking at the victim's point of view. I hope your book goes well and helps to fight against child abuse...

Thanks again!


Chicago, USA

I'm really glad people are willing to share their stories because it helps people who are scared to come out in the open. I'm doing a project and this really helps.


Georgia, USA

A note on Darlene. When you start something like this and you're a believer and survivor, things get pretty crazy quickly. Some of us just naturally write and speak better than others. Please know that Darlene wants very much to make comments about all comments made here. I don't know her, but know it's true. We will never stamp out child abuse, but once you start to try, it becomes your life. I speak, I write, I make very little money, but I make a difference. If you struggle every day with your past. Write it down, no matter how badly you write, drag it from your soul. Every time you do this you dispel some of the power it holds on you. Even if you burn it the next day you'll feel better. Know this, if you want to stop child abuse you must heal yourself enough to fight the fight. That in itself should give you the incentive to become the adult you were meant to be, before someone cheated you out of it.


New York, USA

I tripped upon this site and can say that it relieves me to know that such a site exists. I have endured horrifying abuse myself and find it very motivating to share my story here. Thank you so much for letting us be heard.




You think of everything that matters to the visitor to your site that builds up a trust that telling one's story is confidential between you and your visitors who empathise with all forms of abuse suffered. The comments are from the heart, ever so naturally shared back to the teller of the story. I feel so safe at sharing my story and my comments because of your understanding and love for each one. Your stewardship of the site is consoling and noticeably acknowledged as coming from a very caring/loving woman. Your own story gives me great hope in your site being a stepping stone for the abused to move up the ladder of their own life while letting go of the ladder of those who abused them. Thank you.


New Zealand

Some people think it's ok to do child abuse but it's not. To them they think it's a game. Do you really think that having a child is worth it when you're just going to abuse them just because you're the parent of the child and that you brought them into this world? It doesn't make it ok for you to abuse the children just because you're in a bad mood or if the kid has made you mad and aggressive or something like that.

So if you're in child abuse, don't keep it a secret. Tell someone.


New York, USA

I'm doing a report on child abuse, so this helps. Thanks. ;] Very sad stuff. Makes me thankful for what I have.


Illinois, USA

This is 1 emotional site. The stories that I read were sad stories. Now I know not 2 complain about the little things I always complain about because some people have way more 2 complain about.


London, England

Dear Darlene,

I posted my feelings on your site, regarding the emotional as well as physical abuse that I have endured through out my almost twenty one years. I liked your site, because it was informative, helpful, authentic and realistic. Most of all, it has a broad range of areas.

You seem like you are the kind of person that is vibrant and has a warm and intuitive presence. May G-d bless you and bestow you with healing and the continued ability to heal others. May G-d heal all those and comfort and wipe away the visible and invisible pain of any adult, child or infant enduring any kind of pain.

Take care.