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The following stories feedback, comments and words of encouragement from visitors used to be posted on my stories page when there was no capacity for comments in place. They now appear on this page so that they stay intact.

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Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Patsy from Phoenix, Arizona, USA

No I have not been abused but my message TO children being abused... never give up turn to god for help or talk to an adult you can trust my prayers are with you.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Grace from Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Currently I am 14 years old and i wanted to understand what child abuse was for a writing assignemt. At first I thought that the only real abuse was sexualy and physically, but now i see that its more than that. You can be psychologically abused. Abuse messes with your future, you are a different person after you're abused. Before I read these stories I never knew that the victims blamed them selves for what happened. If you are a victim of any kind of abuse its not your fault. Its not your fault that others hurt you.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Eva from Athens, Greece

All of you that have been through child abuse, the only thing I can say is just to NEVER give up. You must ask for help. You are still people that can offer great things to society. In my opinion, even greater than the rest of us who haven't suffered as you. I truly believe this.

And you, who are now suffering DON'T TOLERATE THIS. I know it's difficult and it demands great inner strength, but you have it! You just have to discover it. Ask for help and have hope. You DO NOT deserve any of what happened to you! And this is the only truth. You [are] worth as much as other people, and compared to certain people, you [are] worth more. Don't forget that. Claim your freedom.

Congratulations and my great respect to the author of this site who knows how huge this matter is.

Have faith, but mostly, faith in YOU.

NOTE FROM DARLENE: The above is an excerpt of Eva's e-mail. You can read her entire letter here on this site.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Kelly from Ontonagon, Michigan, USA

I am 35 years old . . . May all of you children know that you are a gift from God and nobody has the right to treat you with anything but respect.

My father was a sexually abusive person who used God as an excuse to abuse children. In his twisted mind I belonged to him and was his property. This went on until I finally told someone when I was 14 . . . Please children, know that there are people out there that know what you are going through and we do care about you. Please remember that you can make your life what you want it to be. It's all about choices. Maybe some of you haven't found your voice yet. Keep believing and stay strong, that time will come. I lived a homeless life on the run, hitchhiking with my parents every few months when I was growing up. Now I am a Registered Nurse and mother and I speak at events on child abuse whenever possible.

Stand for yourselves and what you know to be right and stand up for yourself because if nobody knows, they cannot help you.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Lupe from Aurora, Colorado, USA

Oh my god!!! These stories are so sad. I can’t believe they went through this. I have a little girl and would never . . . won’t [let] this to happen to her.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Chris from Douglas, Wyoming, USA

I am in awe of the stories I read. I can't believe they let this go on. It is sad because of how their own parents did this to some of them. It's unbelievable what their family or just random people did to them and I'm sorry to every one of those people.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Typhanie from B-stone, Virginia, USA

My friend was abused (sexually and physically). She ended up moving and in the hospital. I would just like to give my prayers for all the victims of abuse.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Terri from Bartlett, Inllinois, USA

This is a new site for me and I am just discovering the emotional abuse I went through with my father. He didn't yell, or beat me, it was more like treating me as his spouse. There wasn't any sexual abuse but sometimes I felt uncomfortable with his odd behavior toward me. I think my mother was jealous and we had a terrible time in my teens. She loved me, I know that, but she was harsh with words, laughed at me at times. She would defend me but I think at times she tried to make me her spouse as well. She and my father talked against each other to me. I had to pretend to take sides. As a child--really young--I felt special, as if they loved me this way. But later, it was so hard, it was a huge burden for a child.

Anyway, it's great to see that there is a site for people to cope.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Amber from Houston, Texas, USA

Hi, I am Amber from Houston Texas. I am 11 years old. I have many friends who have been abused, as well. I just think it is so terrible that these parents would do such a thing. Hitting, punching, molesting, and many other terrible things to their children. I would just like to say, if anyone who has been abuse is reading this, I feel very bad for you and I pray for you every Sunday at church, sometimes during the week. And if a parent who abuses their child or children is reading this, god have mercy on your soul. You are a terrible person and you should be ashamed.

Thank you for letting me tell all of ya'll how I feel about all of this terrible stuff parents do and family do for some bad and odd reason.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Kaitlin from Melbourne, Ontario, Canada

I'm only 12 years old and am very curious of all the child abuse stories I have read on this website. It helped me understand better all the pain that those survivors have suffered throughout time. And it helped me understand my friend, Taylor's, pain because she was raped by her stepfather for years and years and never told no one. Till she was about 10 or 11, I think. I haven't seen her in about a year since we both moved, her to a new house and school, and me to a new city, house and school.

But I would like to say to all those people who have been sexually abused or physically abused that I'm soooo sooooo soooo sorry....

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Jessi from Winslow, Indiana, USA

I am only in 8th grade, but I know what I want to do with my life! I want to help children who get abused! I think it is so sad reading these stories, but it makes me want to help them so much more! I want to either become a social worker or a psychologist! Whichever one will let me get more involved and help as many children as I can!!! I PRAY FOR ALL OF THOSE CHILDREN EVERY NITE!!! And for whatever child will be next!

I don't see how anyone could physically, emotionally, or sexually abuse a child! They are so little and helpless! I want them to know that there is always HOPE out there for them!

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Rick from Maberly, Ontario, Canada

Firstly, my heart goes out to every person that has suffered abuse and second, congratulations on taking the step or steps to heal. I am a thriver, not just a survivor, though it has taken many years to get to this point in my live. As a male, we don't speak of such things, although we know it does happen . . . so I say please please please don't be silent. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed. The way to break the endless cycle is to speak through it and emerge a thriver. Place blame wherever you want, but YOU didn't ask for it, no matter what anyone says.

I'm 46 and I never said anything for 25 years, years I'll never get back. I lost my 1st wife, my kids and my teenage years growing up. You shouldn't waste any time. Start living again. The hardest part was reliving the pain over again, but I know it can be done. Sites like this help us all. Thank you and live well.


Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Stoney from Hidden, Ohio, USA

I almost feel shame for feeling like I do about my experiences. For 9 years (during the formative years) I was tortured by the other children I attended school with because they found it fun to do so. It is hard to fathom how EVERYONE in the system who KNEW what was occurring could just have let it continue. 30+ years later, from the start of the experience and moderate success in life, does not heal it. The effects keep returning again and again, to the point where death would seem most beneficial.

I was a decent kid. I did not deserve it. I am beyond hope...I can't fit in and I can't fix it.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Barbie from Seattle, Washington, USA

Hey, this web site is cool because it makes me wanna tell what happened to me when I was young that I never told anyone, except my best friend. Thanks for telling these stories.

Much love,

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Unece from Elgin, Illinois, USA

I feel everybody's pain because I was abuse when I was little and I am still getting abuse. But now, I stop the abuse. I told everything what happen to me. Now I stay with my aunt and I feel safe.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Shelly from Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Ok, what do I say . . . I really dno know what to say about myself . . . I dno what I feel like right now. I never wanted to tell anyone about me, but I am telling it right now.

There are many stories in my life . . . I still wonder why children at my ages get abused like this. I have been sexually abused since I was like 8 yrs old and I am just not able to forget anything. The problem is it is affecting me in many ways. If I am depressed, the reason I can give is sexual abusement. When I am studying, sometimes I think, why I made people do this to me, and really do not know.

All I want to say is that if you were abused you should speak out and not keep it to yourself. The very fact I do not take revenge on people is because I tried to look at problems from their side of view. I know the people who mainly do this is because they are missing out on their lives . . . Take care

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Ashley from Los Molinos, California, USA

I can't even begin to imagine the horrific things that these people had to go through. I'm writing a report for a class and this made it so much easier and more emotional to hear first experience stories. It helped so much.

Thank you for sharing :)

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Sheila from Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Hello. I am so glad I found your website. I am 57 years old and am just now facing my abuse head on . . . all these years I have struggled with depression, self-esteem and relationship issues, self worthless, always feeling as I was "bad".

I was physically, emotionally and spiritually abused. I was one of six children and my mother did not abuse the others as [she did] me, showing me every day she favored them over me. If I hurt myself, she would laugh and tell me I asked for it. I couldn't ever cry or speak. She abused me on a daily basis.

I have never sought therapy or help, but thanks to finding Buddhism, I have survived. My dad is dead now and I haven't seen my ..., (it's very hard for me to say that word) in 5 years. She will not accept that she did anything wrong. It is a long story.

Thank you so much and maybe I will be strong enough to write my story in time.

Child Abuse Stories Feedback From: Ashley from Alexandria, USA

When I was little my mom beat me. I am only 13. When I was little my sister took care of me, and my mom would shoot up dope in front of me. She would bring home guys to have sex with them. And now she's in prison and [I'm] having a better life with my dad. Without him I would probably be dead right now. My grandma died this year, and I blame god, but it's not his fault. I would be so mad at my mom. And I started cutting because I didn't know how to deal with it. But I am better now, thanx to my dad and god!!!

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life


E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life


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