Abused and Bullied

by Kathryne
(New York, USA)

I was only 13. People at school were nice to me. Except one person. She would taunt me, say that I was worthless, scream in the hallways, "KATHRYNE CUTS, AND SHE HAS THE SCARS TO PROVE IT!!!" She sat at my lunch table and one day she did the worst thing that she could have possibly done to me, a thirteen-year-old girl who has done nothing to hurt her or anybody else for that matter. She stood up on the seat and yelled," KATHRYNE, GO KILL YOURSELF YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY, AND THIS SCHOOL. I HIGHLY SUGGEST IT BECAUSE A LOT OF PEOPLE AGREE."

After that I didn't even bother taking the school bus, I just ran home as fast as I could. I made the biggest mistake of my life. I started to cut, drink, and smoke. Every puff, every drink, every cut I fell deeper and deeper into depression. I decided to run away because of the bullying, my parents always belting me, them getting into fights and belting each other. The first person I went to was my neighbor. I trusted her because whenever I was stuck having to choose sides, I would quietly slip out and run to my neighbor's house. She lived 4 houses down but my parents didn't care, they were too busy getting drunk and fighting to notice I was gone. My neighbor took me under her wing and raised me from age 13 to 21. I never saw my parents again, and the worst part was is that they didn't even call the police or search for me when I left. All I know is that house got a lot quieter when I left. I'm happy they never looked for me, they were HORRIBLE PEOPLE.

If you are being abused please tell someone!!! The worst thing you can do is keep quiet!!! Tell anyone you trust, get the law involved. Do something because you are the only person who can stop it. Only you can make it go away, make a difference!!! Don't be afraid. They can't hurt you when you're not there. They are just the cowardly picking on the strong.

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Mar 08, 2016
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

First I'll say that what a gem those neighbours were. To be able to find your safe haven, a place where you could grow up, loved...that's such a beautiful thing. Thank goodness for these wonderful people.

Secondly, your parents were clearly troubled and completely incapable of taking care of themselves, let alone taking care of you. The best thing you did was to follow your own advice by leaving and running to a place that provided what you needed. I could demonize your parents, but instead I'll say that their actions led you to a much better place with other people. I know it's hard not to take their lack of action after you left personally. Of course it would seem like an affront that they didn't even get the police out looking for you. But that has nothing to do with you, Kathryne. You ARE lovable. You ARE worthy of getting love. You ARE enough. The fact that your birth parents seemed indifferent is a true sign of how severely damaged they were themselves. I mean, let's face it, it takes seriously disturbed people to wash their hands of their own child.

And third, the bully at school...another deeply disturbed individual. Someone either at the top of or trying to claw her way up the social ladder, and willing to say anything to anyone to do so. My goodness, what kind of person says those things. Certainly not the kind and loving person that you are, Kathryne. And that's what's most important here. Not what she did and said to you, but rather, Who You Really Are at the core. From where I sit, you are a lovely person. And never forget that this bully was the only one. The other kids at school were nice to you. It's hard to focus on this latter fact when there's such an emotional impact to what the bully said and did to you. Just don't lose site of the good when you remember all the bad. There was so much more than just the nasty stuff.

You now get to choose how you're going to bring purpose to all that you endured, both bad and good. You started by sharing your story here, but even more, you shared the message for all to see that if you're being abused, don't take it laying down. Stand up and speak out, is what you've said here. Keep up the great work, Kathryne. The world needs more people like you in it. I'm so glad you're still here with us...but also hoping that you're no longer cutting. You don't deserve mutilation. You deserve love, respect and dignity, which all starts with treating your Self with love and respect and dignity.

I send you love, light and healing energy. Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
Webmaster: www.child-abuse-effects.com
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Mar 08, 2016
Bullies suck
by: Cindy

Someone at school should have stood up for you! I'm glad your neighbor did and you got out of your parents house. I was bullied also and I wish I would have told them off- I hated school so much. I quit at 16, got married and got my GED, then passed beauty school exam and later went to college. It's never to late to feel better about yourself. I'm a grandma now to 11 kids! They make me smile everyday -- I wish u happiness

Mar 09, 2016
I understand school bullies
by: Anonymous

I so wanted to be in the 'in group'. One day the queen bee sat beside me in math. she put her hand on my leg and slid it up my leg under my skirt. I was confused and mixed up. That day I also lost something inside. The next thing I know I'm being invited to hang out with the group. But it came at a cost. Physically being touched up. Personally the cost was a sort of death of my individuality and soul. The queen bee made it very clear that being a part of the group was conditional. As well as her touching me she would allocate others to touch me up and she moved on to someone else. One day she even allocated me to touch up some other equally unwilling girl. And I did. So ashamed. It's been with me all these years. School bullies.

Oct 11, 2016
I hate bullies too
by: Anonymous

That girl bullied you because I'm pretty sure that she saw people being nice to you and, since she probably didn't have enough friends, she was so jealous of you that she was willing to do anything to anyone to claw her way up to a social ladder. Too bad people at school didn't do enough to stand up for you. I've been told here and I really hated school so much! Anyway, I'm glad your neighbor took you in because she's so sweet for doing that!

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