Child Abuse Effects

Child Abuse Effects:

Welcome to child abuse effects. My name is Darlene Barriere. I created this site because I know how much it would have helped me when I was being abused as a child. But the internet didn't even exist back then. And now that it does, I'm using it to inform and provide a safe haven for victims/survivors of abuse.

Within the multitude of pages on this site, you'll find a host of information. You'll also find invitations to submit your own personal story of abuse, commentaries, articles, plus a variety of other related visitor contributions.

Whether you are an adult, a teen, or someone in-between, this site will provide you with information on the effects, signs, statistics, laws and offenders of child abuse.

The navigation bar on the top will take you where you want to go. Just hover over the headings to see the page you're interested in.

If you want to share:

You're also invited to share what you've been through, your trials and tribulations, what you may have kept to yourself since childhood. Your abuser wanted you to keep the secret. On this site, you don't have to. You'll find the category that best suits what you'd like to share under Guest Posts. Note there is also a section titled Dating Violence there if you want to disclose any form of relationship violence.

Christine From California, USA: Thank you so much for creating this website. I came across it recently when I was researching child abuse. It helped me a lot when it came to looking at the victim's point of view. I hope your book goes well and helps to fight against child abuse...

Thanks again!

Michelle From Missouri, USA: I am so opened up about what happened to me, to see I am not alone with my pain, anxiety, anger, rage, wanting to heal that there are others out there that maybe we all can help and get some help from each other. I really want to thank you Darlene for having the strength to let others know what happened to you so they would open up too. GOD BLESS YOU and everyone who has spoken the secret to let it flow out and into GOD'S hands.

Your personal contribution will be handled with integrity here at child abuse effects:

If you do decide to share, know that your personal information will not be disclosed. No full names. First names only. Or initials. Or a pseudonym. No street addresses. No emails or other private information.

All comments are screened for appropriateness. If they aren't, they will be deleted without the chance of you or anyone else seeing them.

By all means, leave comments for others. Doing so can be very therapeutic. My one rule is to be respectful and understanding. Leave no judgments, just support with your words.


NOTE: Information pages on this site were based on material from the Canadian Red CrossCanadian Red Cross RespectED Training Program. Written permission was obtained to use their copyrighted material on this site.

Page updated Feb 16, 2017

E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
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How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life


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