Child Abuse and a Journey of Revelations

by Mark
(Arizona, USA)

It's been almost a year since I put a child abuse article on this website. The abuse wasn't mine, nor was I involved directly with abusing. It dealt with two separate child abuse incidents: one of two young boys whom were cousins, believing sexual abuse, prostitution and rape were all being taught to them as a family tradition; another just as tragic about a little girl named Amber Bass whom had a hole in her heart and who lived down the street from my old house. She died on a day filled with hearts "Valentine's Day" 1994. She died because she was raped and sodomized. She was only five years old. I knew these children and their families. I'm not a social worker, I'm not a child molester, I'm just someone who happened to be put at a place in my life I wasn't expecting to be. See Mark's original child abuse article at When We Dispose of Children on this site.

A month after I posted that child abuse article, my life changed forever. Not in a sense I could ever imagine someone could comprehend, including myself. What happened, happened in another dimension, a spirit world.

Now before you think I'm crazy, I never really believed there were ghosts, let alone spirits, wandering the earth. But one month later, my deceased mother's spirit and my deceased grandparents' spirits came down from heaven. I could hear them and feel their hands on my back with my mother telling me, "You did a good thing, Mark". I wasn't sleeping and wish I were at the time. I was lying in bed, crying for the pain I've seen children suffer all around the world.

As I listened, I asked, How can my mother be here with me? In the background I could hear people crying and saying, "Look at all these children coming into heaven from every gate." First it was 200,000, then 450,000 and up. My mother was crying, as were the angels, counting the children from every opening to heaven. They just kept counting. The numbers climbed higher and higher. It just kept going. I continuously asked, "Mom, what's going on?" I heard Angels asking for help to count the children and saying they are ALL Children!

After the night was through, millions of children returned home. From where, I don't know, and why is still something I don't understand.

What I do know and what is most unbelievable was I heard Satan that night scream at me, "Who are you, a nobody, to take my children?" and I screamed back at him, "They are not your children; they are God's children."

I guess it would have ended there if it were a dream or nightmare. But to tell you what happened for months afterwards would be very hard for any single person on this earth to even imagine.

When it was done around October/November of last year, I heard a voice as plain as I can speak to any person here on earth. The voice came from Jesus himself. He asked, "Why are you still there, Mark? Why are you still sad?" He told me to travel north, that I was going on a journey. He said to look for the House of the Lord.

Well, I had my bags packed for a long time. Then one day while visiting a website there was verse I came across. It went something like: "Mark, if you don't believe in what Jesus says or believe in Jesus then pack your bags and stay home."

After that I looked in every phone book directory, but could never find the name 'House of the Lord'. So I started transposing the name; maybe he meant a church. Then in November, while looking around in the northern part of Arizona, I found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A beautiful church in the middle of the forest.

One Sunday morning in November I went there. I was never a very religious man, and as I walked up to the church doors I was getting cold feet. Then I felt a pressure on my back, a slight pressure. I heard the words, "Just go in there, Mark, you'll be happy." It was Jesus again.

Being Catholic and raised as Catholic, I was skeptical at first. Hearing the stories of the broken off religions, it was one step at a time for me.

In the end I found what Jesus wanted me to find. I found from that Church how to get to the 'House of the Lord'. There is really a place called the 'House of The Lord'. It's actually engraved on what is called the Temple of the Lord. Right above the entrance, as a matter of fact, there are several of these Temple's throughout the World.

Our Father in heaven, as well as Jesus the Lord, wants me to let you all know, many of you have suffered a great deal of pain in your lives especially throughout childhood. It is our gift to be a free spirit as we live on this earth in a human body. However, sometimes someone else will take that gift from us. With child abuse you lose that freedom when it's taken from you. You lose the child inside you. God wants you, his children, back into the kingdom of heaven. He misses his children so much and Jesus Christ the Lord wants to hear the children laugh and play like they used to with all the freedom in their hearts once again.

I beg you to go on a journey...your journey. Find the House of the Lord. You will not be disappointed.

If not, at least say a prayer for Amber Bass (yesterday was Valentine's Day, the 15th anniversary of Amber's leaving for the kingdom of heaven) and all children around the world who deal with child abuse every day: children who sniff glue so they can cancel out the hunger in their bellies; children who are forced to live in sewers because they are not wanted above ground; children who's bellies are bloated, not from food but from the lack of food; children who's parents die from Aids leaving them homeless and alone; children who are sold as sex slaves to the devils who purchase their bodies for their own perverse gratification.

We are at the end of time, at the end of days. I will say a prayer for you all as well. God Bless you all in the Name of Jesus.


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