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Incest runs rampant in my family

by Bonnie
(Toledo, Ohio, USA)

I come from a sexual child abuse family. None of it ever happened to me, but my brothers and sisters got it. My father would beat and sexually abuse my brothers and sisters. He would make them do things with each other. He would make them do things to him. My mom never did anything. She would leave and go back, leave and go back. My sisters would run away. The cops would bring them back. This shit happened over 35 years ago.

My dad was molested by his mother, along with 9 sisters and 4 brothers. My mom, she was molested by her mother's boyfriends and her 6 brothers. None of them ever even went to jail. Never once were they in trouble.

I still don't know how my mother stayed with my father. I would have killed him if it were me. My father raped my sister, and what did my mother do? She slapped her in the face and screamed, "Why you messing around with my husband?"

Get this...about 5 years ago, my mom left my dad because he was chasing some 21-year-old girl around. She divorced his ass over some girl, but wouldn't leave him for her own kids! She makes me sick. Now they are back together.

We just found out last November that my little brother was molesting my nieces, even having sex with one of them. He is now in prison for the next 28 years of his life. He will be an old man when he gets out. I look at it as he's paying for all the sins of this long line of family history. I just hope now that all the men in this family now know they'd better keep their hands to themselves or they will go to prison. My sisters aren't weak like my mother. They put their own flesh and blood away for touching their kids. I'm proud of them.

So to all of you who have been touched, who have been raped, don't keep your mouth shut. My brother got away with messing with them girls for 12 years. He started on them when they were 3 years old. You tell. You run and you tell. Get them nasty people off the streets before they do it to someone else, because it's just a matter of time before they end up hurting someone else.

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