Relationship Violence Story From Elizabeth K

by Elizabeth K
(Iowa, USA)

Physical and Emotional Violence of a Teenager: 
I was usually outgoing and opinionated until I met this guy Derek. It was quick love. It was summer time and it was like perfect, it was love, I thought.

Three months into the relationship he got really jealous and wouldn't let me talk to any of my friends and he'd check my emails. He never found anything but me talking to my friends. He'd still get mad though.

About 5 months into the relationship I started to talk to someone else, as a friend. He got really jealous when he seen me talk to the guy. It wouldn't even be secretive, he knew everything. He started to get violent.

When he first hit me I wasn't expecting it. I never thought he'd hit me. He slapped me right across the face, and called me names, then beat me up. After that he begged me to stay with him. He said it wouldn't happen again, and most of all he said he'd change. I believed him, and stayed with him.

We started fighting every day. I got hit every day then, and I got called many names that hurt sometimes worse than the abuse. I'd cry, beg and plead for him to let me go. He never would. I would crawl for the door. He'd just hold my foot while I cried, telling me I was worthless and nobody should love me. Everyone asked me what happened. I just told them that I fell or I ran into something (sounded like me.) Until the bruises started spreading and getting worse. One whole side of my face was bruised from him punching me over and over. I'd have bumps the size of a golf ball on my head. The only way I could get him to stop hitting me was to say that I'd stay with him, and I did. He made me think that I deserved it. When he wasn't physically hurting me he was mentally hurting me every day.

Finally I decided that it was enough, that I didn't deserve it, like I thought I did. I went to my friends first. They told me of course to get out of the relationship as soon as possible. They also tried to hook me up with someone else. He found out, and I finally stood up to him on the 11th month. I told him I couldn't do this anymore. I moved on and he'd call me every day, begging me to meet him somewhere and that he was sorry.

One night he called me, begging. I decided to get it over with, that it wasn't going to stop. I met him, told him I didn't want to be with him. The next thing I know I was being thrown into the ground, my head being smashed into the cement. I was all bloody. He punched me many times, kicked me in the ribs and the head. He stopped eventually, he seen all of the blood and ran away. I limped home all bloody: my shirt, my hands, my neck. I reached home. My door was locked. I banged on my big glass window by the door so many times. My brother walked down and opened the door. He asked who did it and I said Derek did. Before I could say the rest, my father was downstairs on the phone with the police. The cop showed up, we pressed charges, and got a restraining order. It was the worst night of my life. I had to go to the hospital and get many x-rays.

Now 5 months later, I'm over it, because any guy that's going to treat a woman like that, is not a man.

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