Really An Upside

by Nippysprog
(Location Unknown)

This advice may not be for everybody but here goes. I find it highly offensive that someone else is laughing at my life. Abusers are bullies and cowards. If they won't do in the daylight in the middle of the street what they've done to you, then they are hiding.

As a child you were defenseless; how about now?

I realize that some of us cannot physically face our abusers but don't let them take you down the rabbit hole too. Sometimes we don't realize until much of our lives are behind us and no longer ahead. I fall in that category. If, however I could offer some advice, it'd be don't waste the time.

When you are curled up in a fetal position and shutting the door on your kids, or husband, or friends and your life, who's suffering? You.

Do you know that oft times your abuser doesn't even remember much of the pain they've inflicted? How lousy is that?

Now ask yourself if you don't feel short-changed again? I did, and after some thought I think no way. Screw that.

I cry from time to time. But that's just from time to time. I refuse to give my abuser anymore of my stolen life. I'm taking back my smiles and self-esteem and every tiny piece of me that was snatched from me without my consent. The way I figure it is I was a threat to that person’s ego, even way back when, so I must be doing something right and I won't be ashamed of me, not ANOTHER SINGLE DAY. Take charge of you and own life and the joy that is in it. Smile more, be carefree and present and in the moment. Life will take care of itself. Good Luck!

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