Punished For Being Abused

by Marcia R
(Connecticut, USA)

I was born in Jamaica from a small dysfunctional family. At a very early age of around 8 to 9 my mother sent me to give a plate of food to a child molester. This was indeed a rotten trick. The child molester man tried to molest me but my mother was just in time to catch up with him. This was indeed a very scary moment of my life as I was a virgin. My mother on the other hand punished me for this.

This evil man continue to explore the whole family by is pernicious behavior. I cannot forget how I witnessed my sister being raped right in front of my face by the same child molester. It is quite clear in my mind just like yesterday.

This cycle follows my sister's child. She was assaulted by a pastor at a very early age in her life. She was about one or less. I was punished when I tried to fight for justice for her.

I have started writing a book to bring awareness to this delicate subject but it was in vane.

Note: none of these child abusers were ever punished.

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