Life of Changes: When No One Reports Child Abuse

by Suresh Muthiah

On June 08th 1996 a mom gave birth to a baby boy. The parents were so happy that after a long time marriage they finally had a baby boy. They have gone to so many temples and finally they had a baby. As time passed by, they were still happy to see their son growing up. When the boy was sent to Kindergarden School they bought whatever the son needed, and also they showed a lot of love.

As the kid was growing, they sent him to the primary school. The kid was hard-working and also very active. He loved to join many school activities. When the kid was sent to high school, they were so happy. The boy's age was 15 years old, and he was facing a major government examination in school. He had to study hard due to that the parents were always so busy with work and also had slowly neglected him.

They had a maid that could help to finish every house work. When the parents returned late at night, they didn't have time to spend with him, even during the weekends. As the examination was coming near, he had to prepare very well, and also he went and gave his best shot during the examination. When he was in a year-end holiday, the parents had a quarrel between them. They wanted to file a divorce case in the court.

When the parents had gone to the court, the boy had also followed the parents. The judge asked the boy, "Will you like to stay with your dad or your mom?" He said, "My dad, of course." The judge said "Fine." The mom left a very big bungalow house. As he was going to school, the dad will ask his driver to send and fetch him from school.

Back in the days, the dad he will never smoke, drink or womanize. But since the divorce, the dad used to come home late and also will be very drunk and the suit will be smelly of cigarette smell. Beside that, he will bring a woman to the house daily to spend the night. This has been going on for a very long time.

One day, the boy told the dad that the school is organizing a field trip going to Batu Feringgi that is in Penang. He had asked the dad if he could go. The dad woke up from the chair and started to take the whack and beat him up. He was in a very pain-wise whereby the skin of his body was torn and it started to bleed.

He could not take the pain and asked the dad to stop to whack him. The dad only said "Shut up, or you'll be put in the back of the house." But he kept continuously saying that please forgive me if I had asked you. After the whacking, he called the maid and had the boy sent to the back of the house where there was a small room which was called as a store.

He was there for about a week, and during that duration of time he could not go to school due to the pain and also bleeding skin. After the week had gone, he went back to school as usual. The teacher asked, "How come you did not come?" The boy said, "I will bring my reason letter tomorrow." When in the classroom, he was still in pain and could not concentrate in the class. As before this, he will get high marks and also top student in the class, but now he only get the last in the class.

When the open day in school came, the dad went to his school to collect his report card. The teacher told his dad how his behavior was in the class and also in school. After the dad saw the report card marks, he brought him back and started to whack him. He burned the boy's hands and legs with cigarette butts. The only thing he could do is just keep quite and take the pain. Nevertheless, he was also told to do the housework with his maid, such as washing the laundry, mowing the lawn, and also cleaning the garbage can. If he does not do it, he will be sent to the back with full of whacking and also there will be no food.

The pain was continually with him. At night the maid will sometimes come to him and bring him food without telling the dad. Every night the boy will see the dad spending a night with a woman. Sometimes the dad will also ask him to see him in the room. When the girl is naked at same time with the dad, he will ask the boy to give him a massage while the woman will be doing a blowjob. After the boy had massaged the dad, he will say "Now shut up and sit here".

One fine day, the dad had married the woman whom always he spend the night. She was such an evil lady whereby she will always complain to his dad that if he doesn't do whatever she ask to do. Each time the dad comes back from work the woman will take his briefcase and also when he sits she will burn for him a stick of cigarette for him to enjoy. She will always complain whatever right or wrong the boy did in a very wrong way.

The dad used to listen to her and will start to whack him like a dog and sometimes he will chase him out of the house that is staying at the garden, without any food and also drink. When the wife gave birth to the second child, he was so delighted to get a younger brother, he will always play with him, but the mom will always scold him with all sort of dirty and filthy words.

He just had to sit and listen to his stepmother's words. Each and every day the dad will always buy something for the second kid but for him there won't be anything. When he asked the dad for anything, the dad will only beat him and also sometimes pour raw alcohol into his mouth and burn his hands and legs with cigarette butts. The mother will be very happy that the boy was getting this much of pain.

He was just hoping that where he can get help from and from whom? Each and every day he will be thinking about it. Even though the neighbors could hear it on a daily basis, they could not do anything but to feel pity for him. Then there was an Indian neighbor whom was I (Suresh) felt pity and daily he will talk to me whenever the mom or the dad is not around. I went through the Internet to see is there any place to seek help for him, in my country. When I (Suresh) was surfing, I saw a website and start to call the person in charge. After I called him, I fixed an appointment to see him in person.

When the day came, I (Suresh) went and met him in his office and I had told the whole story. He was so shocked and was in disbelief that how can a guy take that much of pain.

On the following day, whereby that was a weekend, I saw a police car arrived in front of the boy's house and I started to wonder, why there is a police car and an ambulance too? I went straight to the house and saw the doctor was doing check treatment on the boy's body and the doctor had verified that this is all cigarette marks and also whip marks. The doctor had told the police and the dad was arrested on the sin. He was also remanded for four days. On the fifth day, the dad was brought to the court and the judge said he had to pay RM 6000, and he was jailed for six years. But as for the stepmother, she had left the boy at an orphanage home and took his younger brother to another place.

When I (Suresh) met the boy at the orphanage home, he came and started to hug me and also treat me as his own brother with full of love, and I was extremely impressed.

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