Emotional Abuse Definition on Your Site

by Anni
(Mankato, Minnesota, USA)

I noticed the definition of emotional abuse on your site is limited to an adult abusing a child. I came to your site while researching emotional abuse because one of my children is being abused by his older brother. Adults are not the only ones who can inflict this type of devastating treatment upon a child within the family unit.

Reply from Darlene: Anni, while anyone of any age can inflict some type of emotional abuse onto another, the definition of emotional abuse on my site refers to child abuse as it would be accepted in law. What you are referring to can be called "sibling abuse" or defined even further as "bullying" or "harassment," depending on the age of the children involved and the difference in their ages.
If the older brother is of the age of majority, then emotional child abuse would apply.

But labels don't help either of these boys...

Darlene's additional comments to this Child Abuse Commentary "Emotional Abuse Definition on Your Site" are at the link below.

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