Child Protection Services as Child Abusers

by MH

Protections Services are Here to Help - At What Cost? 
Imagine those employed to serve and protect you waking you up out of bed, giving you only minutes to grab whatever you can carry and shoving you in a car.
"Stranger Danger" never get in a car with.... They laugh Stranger Danger is nothing to worry about Family Danger now that is the scary one?

Like an organ ripped out of a healthy body and transplanted into another. Like the show trading places. You are taken into custody, detained in the care program. Removed from free society, ie removed from your home, your community, your property, your family and friends.

You soon realize that this is not a country that values freedom or family. Stangers are about to socially reconstruct you to believe nothing is worth being at risk of harm - not freedom - not family. They brainwash you to think that nobody is worth harm, and nothing is worth dieing for.

Support for our military personel at risk during a time of war? Why? What are they fighting for? Freedom to Risk harm and Freedom to die.

All those who suffered a protection service that took you into custody, removed you from the only free society known since birth and detained you into an artificial court approved society - not because of anything you did but simply because of who you were a child.

Stay in School, Go on to University - soon foster children will be the majority - one will become the prime minister then we can treat adult victims like criminals take away their freedoms and their families for a period of time determined by a family court judge under the persumption that free society exposes all adults to a risk of harm - democracy gives everybody freedom to commit at least one crime.

Regarding Religion - Moses and Jesus were fostered by one or more parents not their own - but to believe in Jesus means believing that he was his mother and father together forever merged and reborn as one - as we all are. This is why Moses turned against his foster parents and demended they let his people go free.

Our flesh and blood is not newborn with us. Science like DNA has affirmed that we are our parents merged and reborn as one - although they may die because of us they their DNA, flesh and blood and spirt shall be alive.

My point - they can take a child out of the lives of a his/her parents

But they can't take the lives of the parents out of the child.

Child Protection system is an intellectually dishonest system that violates all of the rights and freedoms of the very people it is charged to protect.

An ageing society requires an adult protection service and an adult foster care program - unless we abolish it.

As stated by Ronald Reagon in 1988, "the 10 most dangerious words in the english language is" ("Hi, I am from the Government and I am here to help.")".

At what cost, my freedom? my family? my dignity, the estate of my fathers? my ability to know myself?

Protect Children from the Child Protection Services - which subject children to involentary disappearances and removal from free society as they knew it - such a protection service having the operating system of a Correctional Service.

Former Foster Children - Will Not Stand on Guard for Thee - Nor will they enlist to fight for your children and grandchildren's freedoms - Protection from harm is most important - they paid the cost with a total loss of family and freedom -

No Military, No Wars, No Freedom, No Family - Just Protection from harm - if that is the future Canada you want than continue supporting child protection services - and they will get peer support enough to make leader of this nation someday and whatever was good enough for them during childhood - will be good enough for everyone.

"Freedom is just one generation away from extinction"
Ronald Reagon,

A Former Foster Child

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