Child Abuse - Voting for Change

by Amanda LD
(Ontario, Canada)

When I was a young girl around the age of 5, my mother's boyfriend beat, rape and molested me. I was placed in C.A.S care where I was kidnapped by my mother and mother's boyfriend stepmom. I was adopted by my mothers boyfriends parents.

My mothers boyfriend only received 30 days in jail on plea bargain. Fallico charges where dropped if he plea bargained to physical abuse.

My social worker took me to their hotel for the night and asked if I wanted to stay with them. Year later I was taken out of my adoptive parents place and placed directly across the street from them in a group home.

I have recently been abused, mentally and financially from my exs family which is another sad an long.

We have outdated attitudes, the system is still experiencing where African Americans are sitting to the back of the bus and this was socially acceptable by the majority of the population.

We need to indentify what are the problems and come up with solutions. Having a board of directors for C.A.S would help people in each city restore some faith and have an opportunity for help. This board will have elected teacher, C.A.S crown wards, child counselors, psychiatrists, parent, lawyer, judge etc.

Judges in Canada will be elected not appointed.

Forms to help power imbalance for C.A.S children and legal aid where both parties on paper sign their names at the end of each visit. Was all your problems addressed, what is your resolution, etc. Once a lawyer signs his/ her name to. My lawyer did not contact me and just showed up for my first court date and did not approve facts presented, by the way where is the ones I submitted because I thought you decided not to take my case?? will change very fast. You now have tangible proof.

Court becomes public and mandatory that transcripts are made free of charge to both parties and no going behind rooms to discuss without the plaintiff and opposing party. We can have politicians have huge salaries from tax payers but not back to the tax payers.

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