Child Abuse Story About Nick From Alex

by Alex
(Missouri, USA )

I promised a friend of mine that I wouldn't tell anyone about his childhood but I can't keep it no longer. This child abuse survivor went through a lot when he was little. He was born with African American Parents. They did so much to him. His mother took him into the bathroom and tried to drown him in his bathtub. She took like some kind of Bug Zappers, one of those electric ones, and put it in there and literally electrocuted him. His dad beat him with wooden spoons, frying pans, spatulas, basically anything he could find. This boy was put in a freezer and left there for a time. His father put a piece of rope around his neck tied to a horse's saddle in order to strangle him. His older brother took a tooth pick and stabbed it in his eye. Now when ever he has a headache there's always this sharp pain in that particular spot. His mother stabbed him in the stomach. He almost didn't make it. He has scars everywhere on his body. His dad took a lighter and burned the tip of his genitals.

This boy is now 17 years old. He was taken to a foster home and he was adopted by two very good parents. But he has nightmares about his past. He is trying to forget what had happen to him, but his scars are a memory that'll never go away.

He trusted me with this story. I just hope I can trust you. He is turning into a very nice young man. He told me this story when I was in 7/8 grade and he was in 8/9 grade. He is my best friend and I would like to help him but I don't think I can give enough help that he needs. He is a very sensitive person. Very fragile. I don't know how to help him.

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