Child Abuse in the Hands of CPS

by Bri
(Pierce County, Washington, USA)

Be careful...they will say you abused your child when he reacts to being removed from you: 
When my soon to be ex husband's girlfriend started making false and malicious reports to CPS insinuating that my kids were being abused and neglected by my fiancé, I was furious. ALL the reports came back unfounded and inconclusive, which of course means they can't decide one way or the other. Here is this state (Washington) we have a law that if you make a false report more than once you are referred for prosecution on false reporting (a misdemeanor). 14 referrals later, all unfounded and inconclusive I demanded our local prosecuting attorney DO SOMETHING, not because I cared about punishing the malicious reporter but because I understand how CPS works.

I was told it "didn't matter" because it was stemming from a civil case and that they refused to prosecute. This included the same woman ADMITTING to stealing IDs, checks and phone records from my room in my grandfather's house. Let me tell you something, don't ever take that as a responsible answer.

Folks, if your neighbor hates you or you have a malicious ex that likes to make phone calls and make false reports, raise bloody hell.

CPS can and will remove your children for a "history" of referrals, substantiated or not. Lesson learned. It happened to me. Now I am fighting a system for my children who are dealing with the trauma of divorce, parentally kidnapped before they were returned to me by court order and then, thanks to my ex husband's girlfriend, were ripped away from the only real caregiver they ever have had.

Now in the hands of CPS and in foster care, my youngest son has completely reverted in potty training, both now suck their fingers, and show many, many signs of potential abuse. CPS says that because of this they are abused (their own investigations say there was no child abuse/neglect also). Child abuse symptoms are the same as the effects of forced removal from a non abusing parent....

This is how false removals are justified.

Folks, if your neighbor hates you or you have a malicious ex that likes to make phone calls and make false reports, raise bloody hell.

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