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Child Abuse Comments & Testimonials
From Around the Globe

Child Abuse Comments From: Michelle from Reeds Spring, Missouri, USA   

I am so opened up about what happened to me, to see I am not alone with my pain, anxiety, anger, rage, wanting to heal that there are others out there that maybe we all can help and get some help from each other. I really want to thank you Darlene for having the strength to let others know what happened to you so they would open up too. GOD BLESS YOU and everyone who has spoken the secret to let it flow out and into GOD'S hands

Read Michelle's child abuse story on this site, then offer her your supportive words through that page.

Child Abuse Comments From: Mutina from Chicago, USA

I'm really glad people are willing to share their stories because it helps people who are scared to come out in the open. I'm doing a project and this really helps.

Child Abuse Comments From: Kennesaw from Milledgeville, Georgia, USA

A note on Darlene. When you start something like this and you're a believer and survivor, things get pretty crazy quickly. Some of us just naturally write and speak better than others. Please know that Darlene wants very much to make comments about all comments made here. I don't know her, but know it's true. We will never stamp out child abuse, but once you start to try, it becomes your life. I speak, I write, I make very little money, but I make a difference. If you struggle every day with your past. Write it down, no matter how badly you write, drag it from your soul. Every time you do this you dispel some of the power it holds on you. Even if you burn it the next day you'll feel better. Know this, if you want to stop child abuse you must heal yourself enough to fight the fight. That in itself should give you the incentive to become the adult you were meant to be, before someone cheated you out of it.


Read Kennesaw's child abuse stories and poems on this site, then offer him your supportive words through that page.

Child Abuse Comments From: Christina from Fort Worth, Texas, USA

I hope that someone else can read this and get strength knowing that you are not happens more in 'Christina' families than anyone wants to admit.

Read Christina's child abuse story on this site, then offer her your supportive words through that page.

Child Abuse Comments From: Melissa Cook from Rome, New York, USA

I tripped upon this site and can say that it relieves me to know that such a site exists. I have endured horrifying abuse myself and find it very motivating to share my story here. Thank you so much for letting us be heard.

Child Abuse Comments From: Maurice from Cork, Ireland


You think of everything that matters to the visitor to your site that builds up a trust that telling one's story is confidential between you and your visitors who empathise with all forms of abuse suffered. The comments are from the heart, ever so naturally shared back to the teller of the story. I feel so safe at sharing my story and my comments because of your understanding and love for each one. Your stewardship of the site is consoling and noticeably acknowledged as coming from a very caring/loving woman. Your own story gives me great hope in your site being a stepping stone for the abused to move up the ladder of their own life while letting go of the ladder of those who abused them. Thank you.

Read Maurice's child abuse story on this site, then offer your supportive words on the comments form below his story.

Child Abuse Comments From: Melissa Cook from Rome, New York, USA

I tripped upon this site and can say that it relieves me to know that such a site exists. I have endured horrifying abuse myself and find it very motivating to share my story here. Thank you so much for letting us be heard.

Child Abuse Comments From: Maurice from Eire/Ireland

Confirming what you are already very much aware of that your site is informative, realistic, helpful, honest, supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental. Free for each visitor to share openly and honestly their true feelings in the telling of the particular way they were abused. If visitors so wish and want to follow your professional words of love, understanding and answering then your site is serving the purpose you wanted it to be for them. I value your closeness to your visitors and I am very much aware you take time to read each story and make a comment personally. I have the greatest respect for you and your highly sensitive way of re-assuring your visitor without them feeling guilty it was their fault. Darlene, Thank YOU. God bless you.

Child Abuse Comments From: Jacky from New York, New York, USA

I'm doing a report on child abuse, so this helps. Thanks. ;]  Very sad stuff. Makes me thankful for what I have.

Child Abuse Comments From: Simone from Auckland, New Zealand

Some people think it's ok to do child abuse but it's not. To them they think it's a game. Do you really think that having a child is worth it when you're just going to abuse them just because you're the parent of the child and that you brought them into this world? It doesn't make it ok for you to abuse the children just because you're in a bad mood or if the kid has made you mad and aggressive or something like that.

So if you're in child abuse, don't keep it a secret. Tell someone.

Child Abuse Comments From: Kassandra from Laredo, Texas, USA

Child Abuse has got to stop and if some one out there is getting abused please tell some one before it's too late. You know, I hate people that abuse their own kids. If you were going to abuse your own kid why bother having one. Or at least take them somewhere safe. Nowadays there's still children and teenagers dying from child abuse. So please stop it.

Well, I'm just in Middle School. But I hate it when Little Babies Get Abused By Their Parents Or Whoever...

Child Abuse Comments From: Joyce from Centralia, Washington, USA

I am doing a project on child abuse for school and I learned a lot from this site.

Child Abuse Comments From: Abhishek from Kolkata, India

I don't understand why these people, like the Gary Glitters and all, how they are released back in the world...don't you think they should be exterminated...I mean, these are not bad people, they are just pure evil...

This website was an emotional one for me...and I feel sorry...very sorry.

Child Abuse Comments From: Jessica from Chicago, Illinois, USA

This is 1 emotional site. The stories that I read were sad stories. Now I know not 2 complain about the little things I always complain about because some people have way more 2 complain about.

Child Abuse Comments From: Pat from Newton Centre, Massachusetts, USA

Cool site.

Child Abuse Comments From: Christine from Valencia, California, USA

Thank you so much for creating this website. I came across it recently when I was researching child abuse. It helped me a lot when it came to looking at the victim's point of view. I hope your book goes well and helps to fight against child abuse...

Thanks again!

Child Abuse Comments From: Hattiona from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

I am so upset myself with those who abuse children for no reason. I am in high school and I'm doing a research paper on child abuse. I understand their pain too.

Child Abuse Comments From: Chanelle from London, England, United Kingdom

Dear Darlene,

I posted my feelings on your site, regarding the emotional as well as physical abuse that I have endured through out my almost twenty one years. I liked your site, because it was informative, helpful, authentic and realistic. Most of all, it has a broad range of areas.

You seem like you are the kind of person that is vibrant and has a warm and intuitive presence. May G-d bless you and bestow you with healing and the continued ability to heal others. May G-d heal all those and comfort and wipe away the visible and invisible pain of any adult, child or infant enduring any kind of pain.

Take care.
Chanelle in London, England.

Read Chanelle's child abuse story on this site, then offer your supportive words on the comments form below her story.

Child Abuse Comments From: Steff from Wellington, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

I am very disturbed to hear these [child abuse] stories. Just today (8/08/07) everyone in New Zealand stood for 3 minutes of silence to make a stand about child abuse. Recently a young girl of 3 years was killed from child abuse. Her mother's boyfriend and his mates had put this girl in a dryer, hung her on the washing line, buried her in a sand box and many other horrible things. My friends and I might only be 13 but we know that child abuse isn't right! Make it stop!

NOTE FROM DARLENE: For more information about the above mentioned case, go to Headline 5: Child abuse an epidemic in New Zealand on this website.

Child Abuse Comments From: Nicole from St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA

Dear Darlene,

I'm glad that you've moved on and did not commit suicide. I am only 13 years old but I am really into child abuse and really want to do something about it, and shaken baby syndrome, I don’t know what I'm going to do yet but I hope it will be able to help kids (and parents) of all ages and I hope kids realize that they can tell people and there's a way to be safe.

Thank you for publishing that [book] . . . I will have to get it and read it sometime.

Child Abuse Comments From: Robert from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

I am a victim of childhood incestuous sexual abuse, and I am also one who abused. It has taken me years of intense professional help to get through this.

Child Abuse Comments From: Bobbie from South Park, Pennsylvania, USA

I have been abused so I know how it feels so I think that any abuse is just so wrong. What I really want to say I can’t for all the young people that might be on this site. I am only young myself (16) but I know how a lot of the people feel. This is also a word of encouragement to everyone. I just wish I could help more but I really can’t help myself so all of you stay strong I am sorry I can’t help more like I want to . . . .
I know how it all feels

Child Abuse Comments From: Samantha from Morris Plains, New Jersey, USA

I am a social worker, and I found your website to be so inspiring. I work for Child Protective Services for the State of New Jersey and this website teaches me more and more every time I look at it. This was a wonderful website you created, keep up the good work!!!

Child Abuse Comments From: Chasity from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, USA

I found your site because I was doing a school project. I have known a couple of kids that would only admit their abuse to there closest friend and would make them promise not to tell so it was really hard to get them help. Even though I am a person that thinks everyone should get a second chance I also believe that people like this shouldn't and that they do not deserve a jail sentence. They deserve to be killed in a slow and painful way. My family is totally against things like this and my uncle is sitting in prison for killing people that have done it so if you are a person that has been abused and you are reading this don’t think that it is right get it out and get help!!!!!!!!!!

Child Abuse Comments From: Alicia from St. Louis, Missouri, USA

The website is so useful with very good information. My favorite part of the website are the stories of people who were child abused, you should put more on there! Maybe even your own story if you'd like...Thank you!

Child Abuse Comments From: Jaleese from Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

This website was very helpful, and sad.

Child Abuse Comments From: Rick from Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

You need to start a weekly or monthly newsletter.

Child Abuse Comments From: Nicole from Amarillo, Texas, USA

I am about 14 years old and child abuse means a lot to me. Not because I have expirienced it, but because I have known people who have. I have grown up in a wonderful family, who have taught me well. My parents have always been very protective of me, and they always know what I do.

I came to this site to read about the child abuse stories for an English paper that still needs some working on. We are writing persuasion ads about issues that matter the most to us. I'm writing on why we should have more strict rules on child abusers. As I read these stories and felt tears down my eyes, I realized that we need to do more about the abusers that suffer nothing and the victims that suffer everything. This paper is more then just a grade, it's a way for my peers to know how it is.

I love this site and I think it is a wonderful way for people to learn, to know, and to feel some of the writers . . . *keep faith, never give up, and always know that there are people who want to help*

Love always, Nikki

Child Abuse Comments From: Simone from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I came across this site when I wasn't even looking for anything remotely associated with child abuse. It's amazing how sometimes the universe delivers what you need when you need it. I have spent so much of my life feeling alone, and nearing 40, I've finally taken steps to get help to heal my life.

I had a childhood full of emotional abuse and about six months of sexual abuse when I was 9. Everytime I think I've dealt with my childhood, something bad happens that reminds me that I have so much further to go. I find I have the inability to connect fully in relationships and have chosen men who are also like this. I also have an enormous fear of others treating me like a victim or victimising me further, which was the hallmark of my early adult relationships. As an adult I've been hit, raped, emotionally abused, stalked and publicly humiliated. But I've fought back, spent many years healing my life and have strong friendships.

I've never told my husband about my past though, just that I had a rocky childhood, just like him. With the help I'm getting I hope to understand how to make my relationships even healthier.

Thank you for the site. And thank you to everyone who has shared your stories. That alone is brave and courageous and at a time when I'm feeling somewhat isolated extremely welcome.

Child Abuse Comments From: Bethany from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

I just wanted to say that your website was very helpful for me! I am writing a paper on sexual abuse, and even though I have endured it myself, it was nice to have this kind of information to help me with my paper.

I want to make a difference in girls' lives who have also experienced sexual abuse, and I feel better prepared to do that! Thank you so much for this website and everything you are doing! You are making a difference! God Bless You!

Child Abuse Comments From: Sarah from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


Just wanted to let you know that this website really helped me out with a big BIG research project. Nobody should ever have to experience anything like you and many other children have. But I look up to all of you who have survived abuse of any kind.

Child Abuse Comments From: Katlyn from Bennington, Vermont, USA

I was reading your section on Bullying and how child abuse victims are more likely to become bullies. I was sexually abused as a child by a family member, and even though I didn't become a bully, I feel that as a vicim of abuse I was withdrawn and kept away from other children, causing me to be the target of bullies rather than one. So it can go both ways.

Child Abuse Comments From: Lafia from Kingston, West Indies, Jamaica

I think that more is to be done to help abused teenagers, adults and children. In the same way that there is great improvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS. This website is good though. Thanks for your help.

Child Abuse Comments From: Heather from Pinellas Parl, Florida, USA

This site was very helpful. It gave me a lot of information for my college essay about child abuse. Thank you.

Child Abuse Comments From: Kiara from Jonesboro, Louisiana, USA

Man, why do people sexual abuse their children? I would like a response...Thanks Kiara

Child Abuse Comments From: Jeff in Miamisburg, Ohio, USA

Thank you for the information. I am only 14 and it was very very usefull because I have a report to do and this site made it a whole lot easier. Thanks.

Child Abuse Comments From: Christine in Akron, Ohio, USA

I am an adult survivor of childhood emotional abuse. I survived it but I still fight the demons that have been left behind. I feel that information is scarce on this type of abuse so I appreciate what is provided on this site.

My wish is that society is educated on this brutal form of abuse and the life-long struggle to overcome it. I am 40 years old, and my mother still strikes at me any way she can, even though I no longer have contact with her. She uses other people and situations to inflict her cruelty.

I am confident that I can get to a point where I no longer allow her that control over my life.

Good luck to all of you.

Child Abuse Comments From: Jodi-Ann in Manchester, Mandeville, Jamaica

I think that the government is doing a great thing in protecting abused children by the policies and laws put in place. I think it is fair to charge those who know or suspect that a child is being molested.

Child Abuse Comments From: John in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, UK

Thanks for all the info. It is much welcomed and very informative.


Child Abuse Comments From: Amanda in Lynden, Washington, USA

I really love this website. It helped me express my feelings like I never could, and now people actually know what happend to me and can help me when no one else wanted to. Not even my own mother believed me and that's sad.

Thank you for reading my [Amanda's] story and others!! :)

Child Abuse Comments From: Jayanti in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

I think that any type of domestic violence is a horrible crime that must be stopped. In the cases where children are victims to this crime, those people should be put to death. To look into the eyes of a child and willingly hurt that child is a sick and coldhearted person, and [that person] should not live to see another sunrise. We as a people must put an end to this crime and give a voice to those who have lived through this life of violence.

Child Abuse Comments From: Johnny from New York, New York, USA

I read a short book about this very topic written by a former child protective caseworker. The book was called Imminent Risk: The Child Welfare State by R. Gibbs. An excellent read with real case studies. Check it out.

Your website is a great resource.

Child Abuse Comments From: Cariza from Marikina, Bicol, Philippines

This site is good because I had got all of my project here.

Maybe it’s not quite good for me to research, but I thank you that there’s a site like this for me to finish my project. Believe me, I’m very thank you . . .

Child Abuse Comments From: Jessica from Santa Barbara, California, USA

This website really helped me with my Essay about one of the most controversial and unavoidable problems we still face.

Child Abuse Comments From: Kristen from Brentwood, Tennessee, USA

This site really helps people who have been abused. Also, this web site has a great purpose that I completely support.

Child Abuse Comments From: Chelsea from Perth, Australia

Hello I'm doin an essay and this webby is hell useful . . . have a nice day.

Child Abuse Comments From: Tonya in Rose Hill, Kansas State, USA

I would like information on child abuse that kids have told u or that have wrote online.

Thank you

I'm posting my reply on this child abuse comments page because my e-mail to Tonya came back as a delivery failure.

Reply from Darlene: Tonya, I'm not entirely clear what you are asking from me. What I suggest is that you check out all the stories written to me by survivors of child abuse. The Stories page URL is:

Also, check out the individual stories pages on the navigation bar at the left-hand margin. You'll find them immediately below Child Abuse Stories. They are identifiable by individual names or initials. As far as I know, they are all true child abuse stories, and I treat them with the utmost respect.

As for stories from children, I'm not in the habit of posting them, unless the child is currently in a safe place. I do what I can to encourage the child who is being abused, or is in an abusive environment, to seek help and report the abuse. I am not in a position to divulge any of the information provided to me by children who are not safe. In order to uphold my own integrity, I maintain confidentiality with regard to communications from children. In fact, I maintain confidentiality with anyone who writes me, unless I receive permission to post.


Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator

Child Abuse Comments From: Jamie Lyn in Maryland, Virginia, USA

I received the following child abuse comments this morning, September 6, 2006 through my stories submission form on my child abuse stories page. When I replied to Jamie Lyn (the name she used), my letter came back as a delivery failure with no such e-mail address.

I've decided to post the comments here, along with my reply, in hopes that Jamie Lyn reads it, in hopes that other adolescents with problems read it as well.

I'm sorry, I know this is for abused women, but I wanted to let everyone [know] that I'm proud that you try to find help and that I wish I could be as strong as you, but I can't.

Reply from Darlene: Morning, Jamie Lyn. I have a niece with your name. She uses a slightly different spelling, but your name nonetheless; it's a lovely name indeed, one near and dear to my heart.

I read your comments, and while I am flattered that you hold me in such high regard, I do wonder why you don't hold yourself with the same esteem. There was a time in my life where I felt as you do now, a time when my whole life was falling apart and the people who were supposed to be loving and nurturing me were in fact severely abusing me. I'm not clear about whether or not this is the same for you. There was no place for me to turn to at that time, but thankfully, there are places for children and youth to turn to now if they need help and support.

You did not tell me how old you are, so I don't know if you are a youth or an adult. If you are a youth with problems, I urge you to call Child Help USA. Yes, I have encouraged many of my website visitors and story submitters to call them. Child Help USA have professionally trained counselors on hand to listen, and they are available around the clock. If you don't already have it, the number is: 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453). 

And just so you know, Jamie Lyn, my stories pages are not just for abused women. I get submissions from abused men, as well as from many adolescents who are abused. I don't always post the submissions I receive; I really do have to be responsible about the way I handle peoples' stories. Not just respectfully, but also with an eye to providing as much help as I can--sometimes posting a story is not helpful, especially if a child or youth is in obvious distress; that's when I don't post the story.

But there are so many people that I can't help. I can only point them in the direction of someone who can. If you are a youth with problems, I really do hope you'll be one of those who reach out for someone in a better position than I am to provide the support and assistance it sounds as though you need. So, unless I mis-read your comments, I strongly urge you to contact Child Help USA.


Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator

Child Abuse Comments From: Kim in Salina, Kansas State, USA

You might add something to the affect that just because a child/adolescent has a "crush" on the adult abuser, that it still does not validate the abuse. And that when those around the abused begin to say that he/she "didn't look that young", that their body wasn't the reason it happened either. And that if the child/adolescent had started to become promiscious post-abuse, then that doesn't mean the victim "asked" for it.

Note from Darlene: Kim's comments were quite valid. They have prompted me to update both my sexual abuse effects and sexual abuse signs pages to include promiscuous behaviour. I also created a table that identifies societal biases of female victims on my female victims of sexual abuse page.

Child Abuse Comments From: Miriam in Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada

I was preparing yesterday for a session on sexual abuse when I came across this website. Wow! I thought, this is what I can do to care for me today. Awesome. Thank you again.

Note from Darlene: Check out Miriam's child abuse story of healing and recovery on my stories of healing page.

Child Abuse Comments From: Johz in Baquio, Benguet, Philippines

Hope this year, child abuse may lessen . . . let us continue to face and solve it.

Child Abuse Comments From: Peggy in Dublin, Georgia, USA

I just had to THANK YOU for your work here. My dad was shot and killed by my mother. He was a VERY abusive man! He died in 1977 so I have had many years at dealing with the abuse he put on all of us. My mom went to her grave 3 years ago never healing for all the abuse. With websites like yours it sure does make it easier to find help. Even though I can't afford your book right now I will get it when I can.

May God Bless you and all that visits your website.

Thanks again

Note from Darlene: Since Peggy's comment bordered on a story but was not submitted on one of my stories submission forms, I wrote her, asking her permission to post this comment. Peggy's reply:

You are very welcome to use any comment I have used that you think might help others! Anything I could do to help.

The nightmares still plague me about my past, but with websites like yours, it gives me hope that maybe someone will seek out the help they might need and never have to know the horror of abuse.

Thanks again & God Bless!

Child Abuse Comments From: Kathlene in Pasig, Manila, Philippines

I really had a good time reading the researches about child abuse and it was indeed a great help for me especially in the accomplishment of my thesis paper. I hope you would make more researches regarding the common social issues today.

Child Abuse Comments From: Katrina in Newfoundland, Canada

Hello. Your site was very informative, as I am doing a speech on abuse for my oral communications class at my college. I have some experience behind me on abuse. If you have any other information, I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd inform me please.

Child Abuse Comments From: Jane in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


I just wanted to say that your website is excellent! I am doing a research essay on Child Abuse and I found very useful information here!

Thanks so much!

I will be reading your stories too.

Good Job

Child Abuse Comments From: Michael in Adelaide, South Australia

In seeking out the details of sexual offences against children, I have found the following to be true. So true that our team has actually incorporated in our checklist for identifying abuse victims:

- Acts of bullying
- Animal cruelty
- Anti-social behaviour
- Unwillingness to participate in social activities
- High risk behaviours
- Avoiding confrontation
- Long absence from school or other activities
- Repeated infections/illnessess

Our organisation is a self funded group of educated volunteers. We found that although you could not identify a typical offender, you could with great accuracy identify a victim by these behaviours and begin to investigate or watch them to confirm suspicions.

This list is not exhaustive.

Note from Darlene: I updated what wasn't already listed of Michael's list to my sexual abuse effects and sexual abuse signs pages.

Child Abuse Comments From: Fran in Midland, Maryland, USA

Your site is very important. My child was sexually assaulted repeatedly by her step-granddad and has come forth to tell me. We are still in the shock stage, but I am reading and trying to learn as much as I can to help my child and myself. I was also molested as a child myself and I found that kids don't lie about things like this. It's sad to think that those we turn to in trust can and may betray us.

Note from Darlene: When I wrote Fran back, I urged her to contact Child Help USA: 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

Child Abuse Comments From: Lydia in Aba, Abia, Nigeria

I want to be a counsellor to children, especially those that were abused, and adults alike that still live with its effects in their subconscious mind. I believe that with you as a link I can do better.


Child Abuse Comments From: Zainur in Kuching, Kota Samarahan, Malaysia

[The] Physical Child Abuse Statistics and all of the [content] is really interesting. I got much information about child abuse by this site. This site is good for Malaysian people since we here haven't enough information about child abuse. Anyway this site is really interesting and full of information and I hope I can share with the others about this site and be a member of any organisation which is anti of child abuse.

Thank you.

Child Abuse Comments From: Tyler in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Here in Australia the age of legal majority is 18 in all states and territories. It is also the marriage, smoking and drinking age. The driving age in most states is 17.

Child Abuse Comments From: Elvis in Castries, Ica, Saint Lucia

I think this is a very informative site as it caters for the preservation and protection of our children.

I am in the process of starting off an agency to assist the poor and neglected families, especially with children who don't attend school and have no means of financial stability in the home. I love children and want to see their future survival. I am 24 years old and will do all that I can to see the development of the agency and its objectives: want to stamp down on poverty by running a Making Poverty History campaign, along with many other programs.

Look forward to onward communication. Keep up the good work and may god bless.

Child Abuse Comments From: Tiffany in Carson City, Nevada, USA

I just wanted to say that all of you social workers have done a great job!!!!!! I would also like to be one some day and I am doing a lot of research on it, so I hope to be one some day and that you keep up the good work!!!!!!!

Note from Darlene: Just so everyone knows, I am not a social worker, though I am always delighted to learn that someone is inspired to get into social work as a result of what they've learned here or what they've experienced.

Child Abuse Comments From: Nancy in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

I checked out your new website... really awesome... I spent a lot of time reading and also really appreciated reading the stories from other survivors ... I am going to mention this site at work ... the women can read it and perhaps purchase your book...

Keep up the good work ...


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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
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