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As a mother, our first instincts are to protect our children in any case, right or wrong,,but how far will a mother go to protect a child from a serious crime that he has commited?? This mother has chosen to protect one son and let the other take the fall and pay for the crimes he has committed, while the older "favorite son" is still walking free of the crime he has committed which are incest and sexual abuse on the minor son (who has mental disabilites that have never been treated properly). The mother has taught her children to lie and manipulate. She has manipulated the child with the disabilites to the point of him being scared to tell what has been done to him, to protect the older son.

Now, because of her teachings, a chain reaction has occurred. The disabled child (in his mid teens now)has committed the same crimes that have been done to him. The mother has told this child he is "not allowed to tell on his older brother" and who knows what else, to set fear into him. This case is still in the courts at this time. The mentally disabled child is going to be sent to a special hospital for the help he needs. The families of the children that have been victimized are praying that with Gods help the truth will come out and this mother will be put behind bars along with the oldest son who is in his mid 20'S now. I see it as, the mother of these 2 boys is the "true criminal" and for a mother to manipulate her child with disablities in this manner is so vulgar and disgusting to me..I hope that anyone who reads this will say a prayer for all the victims in this case...pray that justice will be served.

Let us as parents always remember to take the time to talk to your children about everything. Talk to them about the people around them when you can't be there. Take the time to look things up about abuse. There's all kinds of info. online to research .Take a stand and put these sex offenders where they belong and far away form our children.

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