You Finally Killed Me!

by Kittie Nicole Welsh - Author
(Texas, USA)

I just wrote this poem, and though it's not true, I wrote it because I want you to know I feel what people feel.

She's laying here crying
Does her dad know she's dying?
Does he care?
Why does God make her life so unfair?
Did she do something wrong??
This is her painful song.
She won't last very long.
Does he know he's killing her??
She's dying and everyone can't do anything about it
'cause no one knows
'cause she's scared if she tells he'll hurt her.
And she don't want her dad to be taken away
'cause she loves him under the beats.
But if she told would it end?
or dead?
All this going to her head.
She's feed up.
He yells at her
and she can't take it
She's finally took it.
She's gone
with God
and her happiness
but she wishes it didn't end like this.
"Are you happy dad?
You happy your beats have finally killed me?"
Through her head
but now she is dead.

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