Writing Saved My Life

by Tina M.L.S
(Pine City, Minnesota)

Poetry and Stories

Poetry and Stories

I was very suicidal and stressed out with no one to talk to. A friend bought me a journal, and I started writing everything down in the forms of poetry and stories. I later found I was not so overwhelmed anymore and I could handle life better. So I now believe that writing saved my life.

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Dec 08, 2007
Keep writing . . .
by: Darlene Barriere - webmaster

Writing helped me immensely during a very difficult time in my life, Tina, so I can very much related to what you are saying. Perhaps you'll share one of your poems on my site . . . .

Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator
Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Dec 08, 2007
Writing as a tool for coping
by: LLS from Buffalo

Hi Tina. I am glad you realised that writing saved you from so many overwhelming days. Writing has been a tool for me to cope since I was in 5th grade. Most of what I wrote was fiction then. if my parents would have read any truthful accounts of our household activities I would have been whipped. I filled many journals which I still have. I have been writing an autobiography since 1991. I realized I wanted it to be read with a different perspective so I am going through the pain of re-writing everything. Also, Darlene is a writer and I bet she feels the same way we do. I write comments to some contributors not all. But when do I write from somewhere deep within my soul that I cant explain. The truth I need to say to you is that maybe I was meant to read your story. I think maybe I am here to tell you to write a book to help kids, like teenagers for some strange reason. I don't know where these thoughts come from I just put them down when my heart is open. My book is written in chapter form but each chapter is a different topic like an essay. It's really fulfilling. I cant believe how well I put things sometimes. I love re-reading the stories and fixing them so they convey what's in my head. Only you can do this. Of all the people on this whole planet, you are the only person who can write your story the way it is. Only one person, you. it does help people to read that others have problems. I think your book would be a great seller and give kids a reason to put it down into words. I did a lot of poetry too and still do now. I have a story on this site from LLS of Buffalo and one in the story of healing from LLS if you want to read them. Also, if you feel moved by anything I've said, read a lot of books because that makes your writing better. Good job posting this. I think you're the first one who wrote about writing. Best wishes, LLS :)

Aug 19, 2010
Write with all your might!
by: Carollyne

When I got tired of pretending the abuse didn't happen I did some research and was able to obtain a copy of my file with the Devon County Council Children's Committee. This file contained amazing details about my life as a 'ward of the courts in need of moral protection' - so much so that I have written and published a novel which tells my story of recovery and healing from the abuse. The book is brutally honest about the anguish and sense of isolation I felt as a young girl who had been abused, and subsequently abandoned. Family members wanted me to keep quiet but I just couldn't do that ... I think it is important for other women and young girls to know the story and hopefully learn and heal from my experiences. I wrote for my life, and perhaps the lives of others.

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