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The Effects of Child Abuse

by Sarah

Child Abuse hurts. It hurts really bad. It changes who you are and how you move in the world. Cautious, fearful and shame-based, you live hiding, often contemplating suicide. Drugs, alcohol, self-harm, eating disorders or other addictions take over - all ways to cope, to numb out, to not feel the pain of believing you're different, you're wrong. The shame causes you to have panic attacks, making you believe you are loosing control and are powerless to stop it. Or maybe you fight and think you have to fight the world and people become afraid of you and your out-of-control rage.

Overcoming these effects is possible but it takes time. A long time. You need safe supportive people in your corner. You need to relearn to let go and trust and breathe again. You need to replace the thoughts that overwhelm your mind about how bad you are with those that tell the truth of your goodness, your uniqueness, your right to live in freedom and peace.

For me, it was through my faith. Not religious rules, but a deep sense of the love and gentleness of God. Even with my faith, it took an awfully long time to heal. And I still have areas that need work.

The effects of child abuse live long after the abuse stops.

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