Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders:

Sex offenders can be male or female, they can be an adult, an older child, or an adolescent. In Canada, in order for sexual abuse to take place in the latter two situations, the older child or adolescent offender must be two years older than the victim.

Sex offenders identified on this site:

There are 6 types of offenders listed on this site:

            »   male offenders

            »   female offenders

            »   adolescent offenders

            »   child offenders

            »   incestuous offenders

            »   Internet offenders

Though disturbing to read, the table just below is a must-read if you're in any doubt whatsoever about who offenders are. The statements were written by sexual offenders in treatment. I've included another even more disturbing set of statements written by offenders in treatment--you'll find the table by scrolling down this page a bit. The statements identify how sex offenders operate and how they get children to keep the secret.

Words From Sexual Offenders

  I am probably well-known and liked by you and your child.

  I can be a man or woman, married or single.

  I can be a child, adolescent, or adult.

  I can be of any race, hold any religious belief, and have any sexual preference.

  I can be a parent, step-parent, relative, family friend, teacher, clergyman, baby-sitter, or anyone who comes in contact with children.

  I am likely to be a stable, employed, respected member of the community.

  My education and my intelligence don't prevent me from molesting your child.

I can be anybody

written by offenders in treatment at the Center for Behavioral Intervention in Beaverton, Oregon (n.d.)

Abusive sexual behaviour by offenders involves an imbalance and misuse of power in the relationship.

Misused power can include:

            »  physical strength
            »  force
            »  threats
            »  weapons
            »  misuse of trust
            »  blackmail
            »  peer pressure
            »  differences in age
            »  differences in cognitive abilities

More Words From Sexual Offenders

  I convince your child they are responsible for my behaviour.

  I make your child think no one will believe them if they tell.

  I tell your child you will be disappointed in them for what they have done "with" me.

  I warn your child they will be punished if they tell.

  I may threaten your child with physical violence against them, you, a pet, or other loved one.

  I may make the child feel sorry for me.

  I may "accidentally" expose myself or walk in on children while they are changing or in the bathroom.

  I may use situations like tucking kids in at night to touch them sexually.

  I may have told my children "this is normal/what all fathers do."

  I may be so good at manipulating children that they may try to protect me because they love me.

written by offenders in treatment at the Center for Behavioral Intervention in Beaverton, Oregon (n.d.)


NOTE: Information pages on this site were based on material from the Canadian Red CrossCanadian Red Cross RespectED Training Program. Written permission was obtained to use their copyrighted material on this site.


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