Save a Child From Child Abuse

by Russ
(Naples, Florida, USA)

long story . dated woman with child 8yr old female. a man that has in police statement admited to being aroused to orgasm by touch of this girl he is self proclaimed stalker of pubic female news woman and said he was arrested for this. soon after the issue of young girl was told by him to myself and 10 or so other adults allong with comments on other chilren. the mother is friends with this man and at leased 3 others that have backgrounds with sexual admisions or records of rape to sexual assalt)( i want to distribute all public records to the niebors so that they can watch these men and childeren. please i need help !!! i no that she is in danger and nothing can be done by athorities till it happens, then someone must see it to make report. what to do is question on my part.

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