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Relationship Violence Story From Lakea

by Lakea
(Location Undisclosed)

I started dating this guy when i was 17 this was my first time having a boyfriend well he was dating this girl was friends with at my table me and him meant said a few words to eachother i thought he diidnt like me he thought the same he found me on facebook added me and then we started talking i started to like him i asked him if he stopped seeing the girl he said yes so of course i belived him anyway things were good in the beginning until he started dating this girl i was friends with i diidnt know he was doing that i found out because she told me so at lunch i went off on him and we broke up i was heart broken he started sending me text messages calling names saying i was fat and just really mean names constanstly verbually abuseing me it got to the point were i would wake up to mean text he threatned me saying he was going to sexually harass me so i would be scared to even go down the hallways i told the principal she only gave him one lunch detention she told me to stay away from him i diidnt listen i still talked to him because i loved him he started talking to this other girl they started dating she got pregnant i got so jealous i went to his table and lost it on him she ended up having a miscarrige and i hated her but really i should of hated him but for some reason i still loved him i went in a deep depression started cutting myself and taking pills so i wouldint have to wake up in the morning but nothing i did worked i lost my aunt and stopped talking to him and got sadder i saw a therapist and prayed every night to try to move on summer break was ending i go back to school and a few months had past he told one of my friends to talk to me because he "missed me" so i said no thanks and sure enough later on that day i started talking to him we started dating but things were not the same i didint trust him anymore the love was still there for him but it was dry but anyway i go on facebook and see that he commented on this girls picture saying she was sexy i got upset and asked him about it and he just flips out on me and tells me to shut the hell up and after that i ended it but kept going back it got hard but eventually i moved on it got really hard but therapy and god saved me life

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