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Relationship Violence Story From Kaitlin

by Kaitlin

I am 16 years old and i know i am kinda young but i was in a realtionship about 6months ago and i didnt really know what was going on until someone actually got it through my head. I thought that was how he showed his love for me. Heres my story.

I meet my ex when i was 12yrs old and he didnt really act like what he did act like when we started daing. When we started dating when i was 14 it was wonderful for about a year and then i started noticing that he didnt like me talking to other guys and he didnt want me to hang with my friends and he juss wanted me to hang out with him, which i was way to in love to notice anything was wrong. But my friends started hating me and when i told him i was hanging out with my gay bestfriend he came to his house pulled me out and i remember this like it was yesturday but when me and him were talking outside he asked why i was over here and i told him i wanted to talk to my bestfriend and he smacked me and said you dont need anymore friends you have me. When he did that i tried to fight back which wasnt a very good idea and he hit me harder until i blacked out and next thing i remember i was in the hosiptail with my paretns and my bestfriend and his mom and dad and my ex who was sitting over there like nothing happened. My mom just told me that he said i tripped and fell when we were playing basketball, i didnt really know what was going on i was too stocked about what happened. I told my mom it was him that he hit me, but nobody beleaved me because they thought i hit my head to hard, and until this day nobody actually beleaves me but i did brake up with him and moved schools because he kept harassing me but my mom and dad and my bestfriend and his parents still think that night i just hit my head but i hope my ex feels sorry about that and i hope when the next girl he dates and does that too will get out of that relationship because i think he is a sick guy.

thats my story.Please dont feel sorry for me i am a strong girl and i got out of that relationship.

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