Relationship Violence Story From Janet

by Janet

I met Jason when i was 19. We shared a few of the same classes in my college. It was my first day in transferred school. I didnt make an effort to know ppl because i was shy. But after my physics class, he approcached me. He was very charming and made me laugh so hard that i couldnt breath. We ended up dating few weeks later. Then one night he invited me to his house. We talked awhile, but he got drunk. He started kissing me. I knew where it was going so i immideately said that i had to go home.

He became angry and punched my face. I was shocked. He dragged me from the couch to his bedroom by my hair. I pleaded with him to stop. But he just hit me and said "Say a word, and i will hit you bitch" I was scared to death. He took my virginity that night. Every time i made a noise he would punch me in the face or stomach. I had to stay with him until the morning.

He kicked me out early next morning so that i could get ready for school. I had to wear a lot of make up and wore a long- sleeved shirt to school the next day. In the class we had together, he and a group of guy friends would sit around me and taunt me. Every time i tried to fight back Jason will shoot me a look that said 'Shut up or you're dead'

He waited outside my last class for me. I happened t be talking to another boy in my class. The mintue we were in his car, he started scolding me vulgarities and saying that i was dating somebody behind his back. I tried to reason with him but i just got a slap to my face. I knew i didn't deserve this, but i stayed with him because i really loved him and was proud to walk beside him wherever i go.

When i was 20, he asked me to move in with him. A few weeks before this he had calmed down alot so i thought he had really changed, so i moved in wth him. This was a big mistake. As soon as i moved it, he started to abuse me. The next day, he had a get together for all his friends. He said i was to respect them and keep my mouth shut. These were the ppl who sat near me and made fun of me. On the day, he treated me like a maid. Towards the end of the party i was tired of his s**t and decided to embarass him for a change. I put water on his chair which made it look that he peed in his pants. His friends howled with laughter which was music to my ears. After his friends left, I was clearing up all the stuff. He came from behind he got a hold of a chunk of my hair and pulled really hard till my throat was exposed. He held a knife towards my throat. He was saying somthing to me in a soft killer voice but i couldnt concentrate. He realsed me, and started to push me around and hit me really hard. He would corner me so that i couldnt move away from his attack. After an hour or so, he dragged me and hit me all the way towards the bedroom. I knew what was next.

I quickly ran out of the room when he turned his back. I was almost reaching the door, but he wasto smart for me. He punched and kicked me back into the room. I dint dare move as he had picked up the knife and was approacing me. He told me to remove my clothes and make it quick. He raped me over and over again. I was in agony. Every inch of my body was aching.

After a while he fell asleep. I waited till he was snornig, which usually meant that he was too deep on sleep. I packed my stuff as quickly as possible. I knew this was my only chance. I got a cab and cabed towards the police station and got a restraining order filed against him. I was so relieved to have him finally out of my life. I told my brother all the things that he had done to me. My brother and a few of his friends ent to "vist" him.

I never thought i would get out of the relationship or wheather i would have made it ouyt alive. Now im married to a gentleman with two beautiful children. He was very caring and undrestanding and doesnt force me for anything and i love him alot. He thought me how to stand up for myself. I am now a happy person!

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Mar 28, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

Darlene Barriere: author. speaker. survivor. coach.
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
Talk Before Touching® Series

Apr 03, 2010
Im sorry you had to go through this
by: Victoria2

I'm sorry that anybody has to go through any abuse at all! I'm glad you escaped and please don't feel foolish for moving in with him. You thought he had changed like how i thought my mother had changed so many times. We all really want to believe someone can change if we love them, but some people just can't. I am so very happy to hear you have someone great in your life now. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story, it must have been hard for you to share it. A lot of these stories must have been hard to tell because of so many reasons 1) being scared that the abuser will find it 2) People will make fun of them 3) no one will believe them and the list may go on. Imagine how hard it is to have someone you know believe you. I'm glad your brother believed you, but with bruises and such, I can see how even if I were ignorant to abuse and shy away from stories, I would believe you. God bless you and your new life.

Apr 17, 2010
Meeting Violence with Violence I would not advocate
by: maurice

Oh Janet, great you are a victim of abuse out into victory over it. Living your life with your gentleman husband and two beautiful children. You wer brave to get away from that uncontrolled beast. The little S''ite. no good member of the male species. While I don't advocate violence in return to the abuse and violence that he perpetrated on you, maybe your brother and his friends gave him a touch of his own medicine. You were unlucky/unfortuneate, I hope your telling of your story will benefit many women who live or are forced to put up with such abuse will learn from it and get away from such control freaks wimps of men. He was a danngerous man, so I hope he was caught and put away from society for years to learn about himself. While you did not literally kick him where it's hurts you sure taught him a lesson. I hope and pray with the help of your family and friends you received counselling for all you endured at his hands. All forms of abuse. Let go, live well, laugh alot, love much especially yourself, your loving respectful husband/partner and your angels. Hi Janet have a healthy mind in a healthy body, get out there taking part with like-minded women in sporting and cultural activities, do it yourself, do it as a family, get your children taking part you all grow old happily having a healthy minds in healthy bodies. Always believe in yourself. I am certain your story will help others. good on you.

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