No Help From Government

by Marion
(Molino, Florida, USA)

It's a shame that our government doesn't acknowledge there are more types of abuse against children than just physical. After four years of trying to get help for my grandchildren, their father was attacked by their mother. The children were scared to go home to her. The children responded by saying, "She'll hurt me for leaving with my dad."

After she was released from jail, they were forced to go back to her. After talking to an attorney, their father found out he didn't have enough proof for abuse. Being terrified of their mother because of the threats, being locked outside at night in the dark, being forced to stay in their room, their toys being thrown away for punishment, not letting them have any contact with the father's side of the family, and many other things isn't the same as physical abuse, so our law system doesn't stand behind the fathers and help them get the custody they deserve in order to help save their children. We have to sit back and watch the children's lives be destroyed because their mother feels she's above the law, and the law supports that.

Even after getting law enforcement to go to their home because of drugs, even after they were told where to find the drugs, they did nothing but inform them of who turned them in. So what is there to do now but sit and watch two young boys who could have made something out of their lives fall through the cracks.

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Dec 30, 2007
What to do?
by: Darlene Barriere - webmaster

Keep documenting all that you see and hear, and keep reporting. Make sure that child protection agencies are the ones who are getting the reports. Physical abuse is NOT the only type of abuse, but emotional abuse, which is what you have described, is the TOUGHEST of all the abuses to prove and the most difficult to get anyone to do anything about. Drugs in the home constitute neglect; and if found and used by the boys, could result in serious, if not deadly consequences. Law enforcement dropped the ball when they didn't report what they found to child protection.

Marion, in my December issue of Barriere Bits e-zine, I included some details on a preliminary annual report from the Florida Child Death Review Committee. The report revealed 170 children died last year as a result of child abuse and neglect, which was an 80% increase over 2006. Although a good deal of that increase was due to drowning deaths that were never before included in the statistical data, neglect was cited in 103 deaths, while 53 of those were as a result of drowning due to lack of supervision (neglect). I strongly urge you to contact your local government officials with your concerns about the family life of these two boys AND cite the Florida Child Death Review Committee Report stats. Perhaps you—or better yet, their father—could make a case for these boys ending up as next year's statistics unless someone steps up to the plate and protects these boys from harm.

Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator
Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Jul 20, 2010
No Help when the Father is a Cop
by: Anonymous

I totally agree that there are NO laws that help children.. My ex and I divorced 11 yrs ago and ever since then he has used our children to control me. Where I live, what I do, what type of job I held, etc.. He has been married 3 times, divorced 2 times in 6 yrs time. He now has 10 children by 3 different women. At one time there were 3 adults and 6 children in a 4 bedroom house. Now there are 9 children with one on the way and 5 adults living in that same house. Child Services were called after we provided proof of the filth that my children were living in. Proof of all the drinking my ex and his brother were doing in front of the children. (we have a video of the 2 men drinking while the children run around the kitchen saying they are hungry and asking when dinner is) And with CS going to the schools of the children to talk to them without any parents being there. ALL the children had the same stories.. So much evidence and yet... Child Services did NOTHING! I even emailed the Govenor of the state(wont say which state) and she informed me that Child Services are above even the Govenor.. HOW the Hell is that possible??? Where do you turn when the cops won't help, Child Services won't help(they called my ex to let him know they would be coming the following week. Giving them time to make the children clean the house and buy all new bedding for the kids) and the Governor herself Can't and Won't help???

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