Down Periscope

by Emily L
(California, USA)

When my husband and I can't find anything else to do to relax, after eating dinner, walking the dogs, doing our chores to get ready for the next day, when ALL ELSE doesn't work, we look at each other and say "Down Periscope". Down Periscope is the most UNDERRATED film I have ever known. It is a hearty laugh out loud comical adventure about a Navy Captain in a war game trying to out-manouever the nuclear Navy with a diesel submarine. The CAST is incredibly funny from Kelsey Grammer as the Captain to Rob Schneider as the Executive Officer to Lauren Holly as the "Dive Officer" (the first female submarine officer) to a host of wonderful just wonderful character actors. It will keep you laughing til the end...

The OTHER movie we love is "The Gods Must be Crazy", a South African film about a coke bottle that a Bushman wants to get rid of. The coke bottle is an "evil thing" that drops from the sky into their Bushman world in the Kalahari and it is about the Bushman's adventures - and there are many... the cast in incredibly funny.

That's all I can say for now that relieves the tension of my life. I am currently painting my newly remodeled bathroom. Our theme is Cape Cod - sand colored tiles with a white wainscoting and pale blue walls, like the ocean. It's nice to take a shower in it. I never paid much attention to house decor growing up - basic clutter was my decorating style... but at 57 it's nice to CREATE an inviting space...

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Aug 01, 2011
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

We have much in common. I can relate on all levels. I too LOVE the movie Down Periscope. Have seen it several times, and I laugh out loud each time I watch it. GREAT de-stressor. The Gods Must Be Crazy is a movie I saw years ago...also very funny. As for decorating your bathroom, I certainly understand how it feels to take the time to do the work yourself and accomplish it with pride. In fact, I'm right now in the middle of coating our garage concrete flooring and a deck at the back of our place, after I finished painting and re-decorating the first level of our basement. It's not just enjoying the end product, but the process I find totally relaxing. Thank you for sharing with my visitors and me how you relieve tension and keep the lighter side in your life.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Aug 12, 2011
LAUGHTER sure is the best of all MEDICINES
by: maurice

While I have not viewed Down Periscope I have my own and similair ways of de-stressing myself: Norman Wisdom films; Comedians who are truly funny a good laugh at least once a week helps me to let go of so much: Reading through joke books is also a great escape for me especially bed time reading: Thank you both: The painting and decorating bit I guess I am the lazy D>I>Y man: Laughter is truly the best medicine especially if one can laugh at oneself from time to time: I try to see the lighter side of problems when they come my way: Darlene I quote you from time to time when I am with my friends: I AM A SPIRITUAL BEING ON EARTH HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE: You are Unique Unrepeatable as indeed are all your family of visitors: Much Thanks:

Aug 14, 2011
down periscope repeat
by: Emily L

Hi Darlene,
I just have to tell you that I had a very serious weekend, taking a class on "Human Sexuality" to try to bring some new perspective to my struggles. It was intense as it was taught by a young man who struggled to "come out" about his sexuality and validates himself by teaching this class.
But the best thing happened last night. I was exhausted, fell into bed after my shower, and lo and behold the hotel television was playing random stations and I stopped it when I saw a familiar face on the screen: Kelsey Grammer being shown his new boat, the Stingray... Yup, for my evening entertainment on this very serious trip, I watched "Down Periscope". I jostled my sleeping husband's arm to let him know and he laughed. I thoroughly enjoyed the crew and the story. It's still LOL funny.

I fell asleep to it, and woke up ready to finish the class on sexuality. That was not a very pleasant experience, really, the second day. It deteriorated into a defence of S&M. The five students taking class took issue with the teacher about his philosophy that what you act out sexually might not be reflective of the true nature of your relationship to the person you are acting out bondange/domination/S&M behaviors with. I don't like that "split" with the reality of sexual behaviors and how they impact a person. I would never feel safe that way. So the class ended on a bust. I had a hard enough time finding my integrity and core self before getting married. I don't need to learn about those aspects of sexuality. I need simpler terms for my sexual behavior. Like love, tenderness, joy, honesty, integrity.
The teacher did address the class mostly from the perspective of a gay man normalizing his life defined by his gayness. When i read his biography I realized that. He is a social worker in the city of San Francisco though.
He did say that being gay does not originate with abuse as a child. it is a whole separate issue. i told him I wanted to take the class to learn about early sexuality, which is MY big issue in my life. This class didnt' address that. But it did talk about helping clients with their sexuality who are disabled, elderly.
So I learned soemthing valuable from it.

I was surprised that "Down Periscope" showed up on a regular television channel for viewing. It was not the highest rated movie by a long shot. But I treasure it.
Hope this finds you well. We just about finished decorating our bathroom. Now I have to tackle painting the entire outside of the house.

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