Child Sexual Abuse – A Mother in Pain

by Angry Mom
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I have been reading some of the stories that people have posted and all i can say is that i am truly sorry that every one of you had to go thru what you went thru. I am a mom of a child who was sexually abused 7 yrs ago. d (my child) did not tell me for 7 yrs. d finally had a mental break down and was hospitalized and told the pshchologist.d was abused at the age of 8 and the perp was 11 at the time. d has been on a rollercoaster all this time and i never knew!!!! i am mom and am to protect my child!! d used drugs and did other things but fortunately never chose to hurt another child. d is doing so much better i have a (normal) child again. i thought d had adhd tried meds they did not work. therapy but during therapy never revealed what happened. d got scared when d heard someone died from the drugs. d went cold turkey and then now d is where d is at now. i am the 1 who is very upset and angry as the perp might not even get a slap on the wrist for what he did to my d. 7 years of tourture for him. we (parents) believed d when he told. we went to the authorities. we r getting d all the help necessary. but my question is why does the perp most if not all times get off and act as if nothing has happened?? my child suffered and the perp just goes on with his life??!!

i know way too many people who were sexually abused and the perp has no remourse! I am so angry i do not know how to handle it at times.I know better than to do something wrong (kill the B!!!!!d) I am a christian but i hurt so much for my child. Never did it enter my mind that d was abused during those 7 years of life. d was hurt only 3 times but 3 is 3 too many times. d is now 15 it has only been alittle over a month since it came out. we have a long way to go. but d is a survivor and mom will survive too. i just want ALL the sex abuse to stop!! thankyou for letting me vent. there is more to tell. My mom was abused, an attempt was made on me and my brother.fortunately we were one of the blessed 1's. God bless all of you

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Jul 02, 2010
The 11-year-old molester was very likely also sexually abused...
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Your child has had to deal with unbearable pain, and you too. Please consider some form of counselling to help you deal with all this. Thank you for sharing your child's story with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jul 02, 2010
D. anger is really our way to cover the pain. It is okay to cry with your child.
by: Eileen Howard fralick

Your story reminds me that child abuse is so much more common a crime than people want to believe. The reason it is getting worse instead of better, is the secrets being kept, and then the abused becomes the abuser. If the abused was given the help they needed, and the secrets were not kept, the chain would be broken. Your child needs your help and getting angry and letting the child see you want to kill the B....d. is just showing the child another form of violence. I know how you feel, but try not to react with anger, do all that needs to be done, and let your child know, that you believe in him or her, and follow up with this other person, who was also a child, and was probably abused before her hurt your child. Teach you young child to forgive, as this is the only way to move forward. They don't have to do this in any hurry, but it is your child, who needs to go through anger and then on to releasing this other person from their life. Your child will never forget what happened, but they have to reach forgiveness and so do you, it will take a lifetime, but it can be done. I was molested by my father and I wanted to kill him, or at least have him gone. He is gone and the memory is still here. But I have forgiven him and I use the anger I felt towards him and the hate to fuel me to do good things for children in need, not just abused kids, all children in need. I hope in time you can do what needs to be done, to make sure that abuser is stopped in the proper way. I know it hurts, that your child has had to go through so many years before it finally came to the surface, I pray for you and your family and I pray that this other child is gotten help before it is way to late, it may already be. He needs to be dealt with, as now he must be an adult. He needs or she needs to be punished and gotten mental help. In your heart only, you need to find forgiveness, so you can put it behind both of youI was abused 30 some odd years ago and I am still working towards total forgiveness, so it is a work in progress, but some days, now, I actually make it through without wanting to ring his peverted neck. The 11 year old must have had one hell of a life to be doing this at such a young age. I am sorry this happened to your child, but really try to keep all the anger your feeling, and rightfully so, away from your precious child, your a great parent, standing up for your child, but showing alot of anger, will just fuel your young one. The anger is really a way to cover our pain, so cry when you are hurting and let your child know you understand their pain. Bless you both

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