Child Abuse - The System and My Advocate

by Teresa J
(Tennessee, USA)

I am hoping 2 help others& myself,I have 2grandsons live with me,but #3 has been put back with mother&father,yes the system.In 2008 were in Michigan,had been there since2003,but had been abused,many yrs.I was sure the abused had not stopped,as boys were calling me when they would get a chance,at times not saying anything just holding phone where all I would hear would be the father yelling at them,as 4 my daughter when I would ask where she was always told asleep.She had went 2 jail here in Tenn. in 2002 for child abuse&this the System has yet 2 even look up&find,yes they were told,&again the System wow what 2 say yes alot,but then I ask myself is any-one going 2 help?Or even hear me,Now that I at least know that I tryed.Okay back 2 this abuse&System like wow theres so very much that needs 2 be said&yet so easy 2 give up,Grandson#1is 15yrs old ahs a learning disabitity,has gotten into trouble at school,he been put out of SCHOOL,now as I wrote this he was told he'd have 2 GO INTO ANOTHER SCHOOL I dont drive,I am Ep plus the nerve disorder,Iam on disibity for theses 2 things,today when the school had IEP meeting plus the appeal that I filed trying 2 keep D-- in school,I was sick¬ able 2 go,but my Advocate,plus the boys G.O.L.did,next they all came back 2 my apartment,just basily,being really rule,2 me,I just feel like,since they have had 2 be in the System now for two years,they are just over this,the an old-er man,and he is very RICH,when in front of the school system,or in front of my Advocates,well he starts saying things like oh I am going 2 take the boys out 2 eat,or take them 2 football game,all the talk he was going to buy the boys bed-room suits ect. but didn't do anything ,oh I for-got he did twiced spend time with but u can tell he did do this not out of his heart.But only 2 make his self look good,as he is also a Preacher is was suppost 2 have retired last year,from being lawyer&Preacher so just maybe this is his prouble,also he is just full greed,God Help me if I am saying Bad things but all this just means me feel sick-er!I pray that if any-one out there reads this that I pray that I made seence&over look my spelling.I really hope that some-one out there understands me&that in some-way that I have helped if only one person can get something good out of this,it can help thousands of peaple my hearts just aches for so many u see I was also abused when I was young,this is why I have seizers from where the belt buckle left a scar on my skull,so like I said I pray this helps.As for this Abuse Book I would love to learn more about this,as I know God lead me to this as I stated I do not know much about computers,I got this a few years ago,not knowing nothing about theses things,so yes I learned from really just playing ,and if God lets me stay around I would love to go back to school or just get my GED;I do not even got a Credit card,or checking account.I do not like oweing out money,for one reason I am on low income so all this with my grandchildren has been hard,but I loved being able to keep them safe,but this is so very sad to know that my oldest Grandson may hate me later as I will have to lose the boys all because the System,tells me I must get a car,&drive,but I should never drive a car because when I have thoses seizers,I am not even knowing I will or when I have them and this is just wrong I pray that If I do this that no-one gets hurt,just from me maybe haveing a wreck I wish I knew where or who to talk to that nows how or where I can get help but I am in TENN. very small country town and for this matter the whole world is in trouble over Money which another BAD thing,I think the Bible says that money is the rule of all evil,I do know that I really beleive that is so true.Okay God Bless this lady that wrote this book and another thing I do also pray is that I get to read her book,she is a wonderful,strong lady.again god bless her&god bless all that reads my writting.

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Apr 09, 2011
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Bless you for taking care of two of your grandsons. Consider contacting your congressman or senator to discuss what you're dealing with in the system. If that doesn't spur some action, consider contacting your local media to expose what is happening. Other than that, I can only give you space to vent over the failure of the system to properly protect your #3 grandson. Perhaps one of my visitors can point you in another direction that will be helpful. I wish you and he (all your grandchildren) all the best, and I thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Apr 10, 2011
Authorities who are there to protect children/teenager lieave alot to be desired
by: maurice

Sadly Teresa all of us who have dealing with the sysyem irrespective of what Nation/country: Society failed all of us who were abused within the system and even there is some feelings (real) from the media highlighting the Abuse in Churches and states the progress is still very slow to change the system: You are a loving, caring, protecting and safeguarding your two Grand Children: You would the third because your huge heart wants to: Don't Quit because I know you won't give up on him: Your the best

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