Child Abuse - Tell Tell Tell

by Michelle F
(Missouri, USA)

I am a 40 year old female I want to let people know that you can survive,each day you have to survive,you are stronger than the one that abused you.because they are cowards,I would like to try to help the people that have lost hope,that need to keep going,if only for the reason to save their own lives,because one we lose is one to many.They need to talk,TELL,TELL,TELL, for most of us didn't. I also think we need to have a walk you know like everybody else does for a cause,this is just as important for everyone to openly talk about abuse to let people know we are here to help.

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Apr 08, 2011
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Each of us must find the way we can best make a difference. You, Michelle, as well as many of my regular visitors, make a huge difference each time you comment on someone's story. It's the kind of difference that can't be measured. And don't just think that the difference is in the life of the person who wrote the story, because it goes much deeper than that. The difference we make when we comment is to each and every person who reads the story and the comments, and then what that person does to make a difference, and so on and so on. There is a true dominoes effect here. So by all means, organize a walk for child abuse awareness if that's what you are compelled to do. Just don't brush aside the tremendous good you already do by posting on this site, whether the post is a story, an article, a commentary or a comment to someone. Especially when you encourage victims to Tell. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and all-important message with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Apr 10, 2011
One Beautiful chld of God and the Universe: That is who you are
by: maurice

Oh Michelle: your story brought hope, gave me a boost in my believeing that there are great and good people around us in life who value, cherish, love, respect the dignity and the rights of the child/teenager/young adult: Great reading Darlene's comment on what a comment from us one of her many visitors makes and the difference it can make to the reader: I know and do believe the human heart speaks louder from a distance as well as close up; giving a hug from my chair here to some one I've written a comment is understood I care very deeply for the welbeing of that special person I written it to: LOVE can be understood in words as well as in action: Friendships are deepened by our love, care, value and respect for each other: I regard Darlene's site as my family of special and great people because we can empatise with each other: Darlene a woman of principle, vision, professional, genuinely human in all she writes from her heart in a comment (special) to the one she write's it to: Thank You MICHELLE: ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: There's greatnes and goodness oozing from you out into the world around you: Blossom in the corner of the world you find yourself:

Sep 10, 2011
no one beleived me
by: Anonymous

I do agree with you. Child abusers are cowards, they must have seriouse problems themselves & lack moral value to do such a thing. I was 4 years old when the worst of it started, the stepmother came into my life, she was truly a 'wicked stepmother' I was made a slave & made to always feel afraid of her from the beggining till I finally got out at age 14, I'm now struggling with my life still age 30, I feel so weak that I cannot change my anxiety, social phobia & many other issues, it seems it will never happen for me & I know only I can 'do it' but I feel 'completely stuck' I want to kill my ex stepmother yet I know it's better to beat her by succeeding myself in life, I've known this for over 10 years but.... anyway I told a psychiatrist or psychologist I was seeingh at age 6...nothing, I told school councilors...nothing, I told many family members...nothing, I was the bad little girl so who would believe me? Still crying & dying

Sep 20, 2011
stop cryin and dyin
by: michelle f

we keep letting them kill us over and over gotta stop.THAT IS WHAT LIVING AFTER ABUSE IS ABOUT,we keep believing it is our fault because it happened or we didn't tell or we dressed that way or we looked that way STOP STOP STOP blaming ourselves.JUST STOP take time for feeling what has happened because we try so hard to push it out and away from our hearts we never take the time to actually FEEl it,have to accept it deal with it move on I pray you hear what my heart is telling you.I pray you can forgive the one that has hurt you it will set you free,stop hating ourselves nd them we are alive we will survive.

Sep 21, 2011
Always believe in yourself: You'll be the winner over your abuser
by: maurice

Anonymous: You'll be a winner: Who am I? I AM Amazing the architect of my own destiny: Beautiful: Both inside and out: Courageous: Willing to take chances: Dynamic Ever Changing adn ever growing (even at 40) Enthuastic About living and loving: Healthy Full of Energy; Grateful For each new day: Intuitive: Looking within for answers: Kind-Harted Reaching out to others: LOVABLE Exactly as I am: Optimistic Anything is possible: Resourcesful: Obstacles are stepping Stones: Spiritual: Having a Human Experience: Trustworthy: Speaking from the heart: UNIQUE: And unrepeatable: VALUEABLE I make a difference: Wise: Open to all life's lessons: Xcied About living and loving: Xestful HAPPY TO BE ME: I am beautiful: I am intelligent: I am SPECIAL and I LOVE ME: Be gentle and kind with yourself: I WILL: I CAN: I MUST: Because I am WORTH it: Have one/two real friends your own age and gender: Most important: Some form of counselling will be a great help that is if you have not tried it already: It will put alot of what you have written into perspective:

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