Child Abuse – System Does Not Work for Children

by Harold J
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

In the summer of 2005 my daughter tells me mothers boyfriend refused and didn't let her and bro in the house, even after she became sleepy. forced them to watsh a scary movie, she attempt to leave the room, but was told to set down, afterward it's bed time, now she is afraid turn her light on, he comes in whips her, child place a tape in vcr unaware its broken, tell this person he gets it out and whips her, her brother's 3rd grade teacher tells mothers boyfriend bro misbehaving, after they got in car boyfriend yells using profanity at bro. toothpaste falls off toothbrush on the floor, boyfriend comes in yelling at bro, bro using klennex to clean it up, boyfriend tells bro not to use klennex, to use cloth towel, bro get towel getting toothpaste up, boyfriend comes back into bathroom yells at bro. again.

boyfried ask daughter why don't she have socks on, before she answer, bro says the reason she don't have socks on mother haven't washed, boyfriend goes over to bro, hits bro with fist. that happen at boyfriends mothers house in Dallas, at the mothers house in Mesquite, daughter says she and bro were playing, she said she guess they were making to much noise, she said boyfriend comes in her room, says y'all in trouble he leaves come back with a belt and says choose get hit with the belt or the fist, they said neither. mothers boyfriend hit both my daughter and her br. with his fist.

I have file papers to remove my daughter from the abusive. the court ordered her back. this is after the court orderd me to obtain counseling, and the court appointed a public defender, the public defender and the court moved without the medical records from the thearapist. now i am moving forward seek legal means to remove my child from the abusive behavior of the mother and her husband. the effect of the abuses are being acted out in the children lives and the mother leaves a trail of lies, from the Mesquite police Dept, child protective service, family court service, she also lied to the associate Judge and under oath and the court has turn its back on my daughter and her brother, where is law enforcement in the courts

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Jun 08, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Keep doing what you must in order to ensure the safety of those children. Thank you for sharing with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jun 09, 2010
Live the dream: Make the difference:
by: maurice

You sure are a caring, concerned. loving, gentle, sensitive to the needs of those children: You can make a differenc in their lives: But it will take courage and you'll have to be brave with your chosen frind (s) to make things happen and for people in authority to take action on their behalf: I know, Darlene knows that you have their best interest at heart: Darlene;s comment to you is ever so affirming: Loving: and will empower you once you decide I want those children to be in a safe place growing up: Yes, as a caring individual you can make things happen: Be safe, Stay safe yourself: Live well: laugh alot: Love much: especially yourself: Have a healthy mind in a healthy body: get out there being active and alive taking part with your frinds in sporting and cultural activities: I will: i can: I must because I know it will give me new energy to live my life to the full ina very natural and befriending way: You'll have friends and team mates for life: always believe in yourself: Those children are in safe hands because you will not sit idly by for anything like abuse to happen them:

Jun 09, 2010
That's just it. You're so right
by: Anonymous

There is no law enforcement when it comes to protecting children. They'll listen and maybe take it to trial but the judge or the jury won't listen because they're children, and children facasise and lie all the time. BIG DEAL IF THEY TELL ABOUT THINGS THAT NO NORMAL CHILD AT THAT AGE SHOULD KNOW THEN SOMTHING IS WRONG! Like I said before no one will listen or believe them because they don't want to hear it. They want to continue with the notion that is country is a perfect and safe place, and people don't do these types o fthings to children, yet they can see it on the news alll the time. This is why when I get into CPS I'll listen to every child and do my best to prove their story no matter what, and if the judge or anyone wlse won't listen they'll have to deal with me.

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