Child Abuse Story From Princess Andie TM

by Princess Andie TM
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

Sent away, my sister & I...not knowing what was to become: 
Many, many years ago when I was (15) & my sister (12), my Mom had decided to send us up North to live temporarily with my Aunt & Uncle. The reason I'm sharing my story is that though I reconnected w/my Aunt and had a good (7) years.....I was surprised at her recent abusive behavior towards me. It brought it all back and I have been having nightmares.

We were only to be their for (3) months. But my Aunt cut us off from the phone & mail. If we didn't eat what she cooked, we went to bed hungry. Often I got up and snuck food, and when my Aunt would get up I'd drop it in my shorts and by God's grace my elastic band caught it. It was hard to hear: " Your Mother doesn't love you." Which than she'd sock me in the belly and imitate a 'Bull-dike', by wording: " Hey, Hey, Hey." Then I'd get hit. She told me I could go live up on some juvy jail for bad kids. It was real hard when my toys and dolls were taken out of my room. She sold them in a shop. I think one of the most disgusting thing that happened is being afraid to defecate. She'd bang on the door yelling: That is (3) squares....Are you afraid of your own butt?" Since she made us go to court to tell the judge we hadn't heard from our Mother, she got welfare. Though the check was suppose to be for us, she wanted to buy something. I somehow knew my Mom was trying to get thru, because when she'd pick up the phone and say hello..hello. And then hang up....I just knew. Then one day my friend put in a letter that they were going to call the cops because no letters were answered. Than I got one. Than my Mom called the operator & my Aunt was forced to let us talk to her while her husband was down below listening. My Mom could tell something was wrong and immediatley contacted DSHS. They sent a lady out. In (2) days the cops came to my High School & my sister's school to escort the worker up the woods. My Aunt had all my stuff in a big box..She stole some of my clothes. But more than that. She betrayed me in an in-humane manner. And I am sharing my story because parents need to really know their own family before doing something like this. I thought my Aunt had changed. But she hasn't. Why? Because she is angry that she has to share a summ of money with my Mother. The recent letter is so damning. As usual the abuser...manipulates the victim and blames them. Only difference now is I am an adult. What is sad is she has not changed. I moved to the sun belt & manage a beautiful apartment building....but she lives in the past & I not.
Don't be fooled if they say they are sorry & found God.....They may still be the same. She called me one day & I accepted her apology. I feel she can not handle being around the Mother/Daughter bond. Because what became of a sister to sister talk---initiated by me.... her abusive letter & talk came out---- I urged my Mom to call her...My Aunt than became very abusive. But she wanted so to talk to my Mom? My story reminds me of: Flowers in the Attic When you are trapped all you can think of is escape.

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Nov 10, 2012
To Princess Andie TM:
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Clearly, your aunt has serious problems. Abusers always do have problems, problems they take out on their charges, the people they're responsible for. You and your sister were young and vulnerable; your aunt took advantage of that. And she's still stuck in the issues she had when you were young. That's not on you. That's on her. And your uncle. You did nothing wrong. They had all the power and controlled your every move. I too had someone in my family (my mother) apologize to me for what was done...only to learn later that the apology was hollow. Again, that was on HER, not me (or you). I learned that forgiveness had to come from me and FOR me, and that it couldn't be conditional upon the actions of my abusers. When I came to that realization, everything changed. Forgiveness is for YOU. It allows you to escape from the prison of anger and hatred and hostility. It allows you to move forward in your life with happiness and freedom. If you haven't already, please consider some form of counselling or therapy in order to help you deal with the effects of what you endured as a child. You deserve that in your life. I send you love, light and healing energy. Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Nov 10, 2012
Moving past the pain!
by: Princess Andie TM


Thank-you for commenting on my story. I am feeling better now since the horrible letter. I am a writer & wrote a story about 'KEIKO THE WHALE' to help me say goodbye.

It was just the 1st (2) weeks were hard. Though I regret giving her a 2nd chance, I feel I've learned a good thing. It's like when your internal conflict collides with the external element- which in my case was the letter. So I ordered my file from up North & will write a story about it, but I will call it Fiction, based on truth. The reason I ordered my file is that in her letter she called me a liar & that I lied about the situation.

With each passing day it gets better. If it was so easy for her to abuse children...Than how much easier for her to abuse them as adults.


Princess Andie TM

Nov 24, 2012
Life Without... (for us a childhood)
by: Dave White

Thanks for reading my post as I'm sure you'll thank me for reading yours

The things you talk about at your Aunts I remember all too well so it is easy for me to imagine how much you have held back. Better still is that you did get through it and though your Aunt may not look up to the person you have become you have the power to look down at what she never was.

My own post is only one short day of nearly ten years that I suffered and I have found that even a short part makes people ask "How did you cope?"
The truth is I didn't, it was normal life for me back then. it wasn't until it stopped that I needed to learn how to cope with it. Then the older I got the more of my abusers I could see in myself. I hated myself for a long while as I grew worse but then realized I already knew what I needed to do. Everything that my abusers didn't!
My childhood memories then drove me on and on so one day I could say back to them "I am better than you could ever make me" Then the day I went home and put my Army Uniform so they could take pictures I knew I had won.

Thank you for the chance to read your story and i wish you a long and happy life


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