Child Abuse Story From Anonymous for Mother

by Anonymous
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I am not abused, and I have never been. I'm actually not sure if I am allowed to post this about someone else. However, my mother was terribly abused as a child. I feel so bad for her, and I wish she would report it to someone.

(I shall not use anyone's names).

She doesn't usually tell me her stories directly, but I somehow know quite a few of them. Like when she is talking to my aunt (my mom's mother's sister, who was also around my mom's age and was abused, too.)

She tells me that there was a lot of moving to different places. She says she treasured school time, just to be away from home.

She told me that, she, her brother, and her aunt were all beaten at least five days out of the week. But my mom worst of all (since her brother was the baby, and her aunt was her mom's kid). She also told me about a time when she was up on the countertop and she fell, and something made out of class came down with her. She was bleeding badly and her mother just ignored it.

She has spoken of one story at least twice. I can almost remember it word-for-word. My mom, her brother, and her aunt were at home, when my mom's mother (let's call her Abuser) got home or had woken up from a nap. Abuser was furious, for no reason at all. She got a knife, and ran after the children. She said she'd kill them if she got the chance. My mom then said that they ran into one of the rooms, and locked the door. Abuser then stabbed at the door with the knife as the children stayed away. My mom then told me Abuser had knocked out or fallen asleep. When she awoke, she had no remembrance of what happened. My mom said she thought that Abuser would have killed them all.

My mom told me of another incident where Abuser had put something in a glass of water (or other liquid), slammed it on the table, and screamed, "If you want to die, drink that!" Since all three are alive today, they obviously hadn't drank it.

Abuser also was verbally abusive. Always calling my mom, and the other two, "Fat" and "Worthless" and a few other words I won't/don't want to mention. My mom told me Abuser had introduced her like, "This is my fat daughter, (my mom's name here)." Even today, my mom says she's "fat" when she is clearly not, she also says, "I'm stupid and can't do anything right."

My mom also says she has no idea who her father is. She has mentioned her stepfathers, though. She explains that her stepfather called her "Baby girl" and she hated it because he was a sick man. She also explained that once her stepfather made Abuser hug my mom. She said it felt strange and wrong.

Today, my mom dislikes Abuser and is still afraid. However, she said, "She is doing the best thing she can do for you. Not talk or be around you." And I am glad she doesn't/isn't. Even once or twice in two years, she visits/calls. I feel so uncomfortable.

My mom has been through a lot, and I am still hoping she will do something. Tell someone.

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Dec 22, 2008
Your mother broke the cycle...
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Abuser sounds deranged; an institution would have been a good home for her, a place where she couldn't harm her children. Your mother and her siblings were lucky to have gotten out of that house alive.

But in spite of what she lived, it seems your mother made sure she broke the cycle of abuse with you. Not only does she have that to be proud of, she has every reason to be proud of the person YOU have become. You've honoured your mother by posting her story here. What a loving and caring person you've turned out to be.

I hope as you do, that your mother will tell someone; but I believe telling a counsellor would be far more beneficial than telling the authorities. Your mother's self-esteem could certainly use the boost. The next time you hear her say, "I'm stupid, I can't do anything right", respectfully remind her that's not true: she did parenting perfectly.

Thank you for sharing your mother's story with my visitors and me.

Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator
Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Dec 28, 2008
I can identify
by: Francine

Your grandma is wrong; your mom is not fat; your mom is not worthless; your mother is not stupid! Your mother is smart, slender and downright worthy. She also even did a good job taking care of you. Let me tell you one thing about how I can relate to your story for your mom; strangely enough, my mom went through the same thing at the hands of both her parents, except that both of them beat her for "doing something naughty" or for "doing something that she shouldn't have done". Her mom also hit her with the stick with the hook in the end, scratched her, pulled her hair, she even tried yet failed to rip the genuine leather mini-skirt off of my mom after she [my mom] came back from some discotheque (hey, did I spell it right?). Both of my mom's parents called her lots of names, too, while her little brother was spared yet they spanked him at least once or twice for misbehaving. That is how I can relate. Your mom, like mine, were and STILL ARE strong; they just need to try counselling in order to move on further.

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