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Child Abuse Sex Offenders - Punishment Is Not The Answer

by William W
(Location Undisclosed)

Originally posted as a comment in another article thread: 
Is there a punishment that would serve justice unto victim more so when victim being an child.

There not any amount of punishments that would
remove dismiss crime committed // in truth the
hate and ill feeling the victim feels as being
felt by family members & friends of the victim
in a demand for justice but adding more sorrow.

Thus the intention as actions should be toward
a cure for the offender defeating desires /the
feelings bringing about such appalling acts of
sexual abuse // thus less focus on punishments.

Of course there are situations / where the abusers desire to abuse being so strong /that for such safety of children /a prison sentence is needed where /qualified as needed support being given to the offender in coming to terms with their illness // such being by far the better route.

Lets remember abuse of children be an illness, an
illness of mind that is in sore need of treatment
sexual abuse of children / an illness that's in need of understanding/ best possible treatment.

I do not say such in favour of the abuser but
to put in terms // that in seeking punishment
is not in truth constructive // to the abuser
or unto the victim // where seeking a cure be
far more productive //preventing future abuse.

If the victim is to be left with a lifetime in
feeling hate malice // its not the abuser they harm but themselves. / Resulting in an life of
misery /unable to leave a past experience that
brings remorse /regret /tears /sorrow / anger.

Its not a case of forgiving /but one accepting
a bad experience where coming to terms with it
that it not being allowed to destroy ones life
or lives of family members // as friends alike.

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