Child Abuse - Sentences for Convicted Sex Offenders

by Nera
(Auckland, New Zealand)

It sickens me that the people who commit such horrible crimes arent serving more time in jail.

I had a young foster child aged 7 (at the time) who at the hands of her uncle (aged 18) was sexually abused. He only got 12 months community service and ordered to some man alive course! I cannot believe that was all he got! a slap on the hand! I dont care that he was young and most probably this happened to him, which I feel very sad about, but this has to change the law has to change how can we trust that he wont do this again? How can we allow these people to walk the streets, live near schools or be around kids in their families? I cried when we found out, its sad that the system didnt think her abuse was bad enough to send him to jail for LIFE! he is most likely going to re offend and who is going to take responsibility then? who is going to stand up for that next victim and say IM SORRY?

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Comments for Child Abuse - Sentences for Convicted Sex Offenders

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Sep 07, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this pervasive issue with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Sep 08, 2010
Punishment to fit the Crime
by: maurice

How right you are: I agree wholeheartedly with you and your views even though I live the otrher side of the world from you: What you rightly put your finger on happens the world over where abuse happens: The offenders certainly don't feel the effects of what they have perpetrated on the vunerable and the innocent: Where I live in Ireland we have the same system of light sentencing for such people: My blood boils when I here the short sentences some get: Thankfully we have caring/loving people concerned about the innocent victim of abuse: Thank you:

Sep 11, 2010
I disagree partially
by: Tim L.

I don't think longer jail sentences will really solve that problem, personally. It should matter greatly that this was a young person who most certainly was victimized himself some time in the past--would exposing him to the prison system, where he would likely be raped, physically assaulted, and come out a much worse person with no future really be best for society? I don't think so. I think some mandated rehabilitation and therapy for him to look into his own past, examine why he did this and make sure he stops repeating such things would be a better idea (both parties should be provided with therapy, actually), as would undertaking measures to strengthen children's rights and protections overall to prevent these things, irrespective of him as a person. We can do some things to make the world a better place other than just reacting with longer, harsher prison sentences, which is a for-profit industry now in the US,and has not been shown to prevent crimes.

Sep 12, 2010
What is the Soulution ???
by: maurice

Cemters of treatment for abusers and victims maybe instead of prisons: But then I am sure putting all abusers under the one roof is a good idea: Even in treatment together would that be punishmnet enough: Knowing the effect of what they have done to their innocent and vunerable victim: I believe in hefty sentencing of abusers: I know here in Ireland Paedophilles and child molesters are segregated from other prisoners: For their own safety: Which is understandable: I believe it should be madatory for them to do a program of rehabilitation and treatment: Even a prison sentence is too mild for such people: Education is another way forwardL I don't have stat's telling me what percent of abusers offend again when they are left out of prison: Yes a sex offenders list is most important: monitoring their movements but then one has to respect their human rights: Even they did nor when they offended: Tim L you certainly make a good point in response to the writer of the story to Darlene's site: We cannot leave the abusers off softly: Rememmbering the effects may be lasting for their vitims:

Dec 01, 2010
My story
by: Anonymous

I was 11 yrs old, on the honor role at school, did a bit of modeling... I was sexually abused by my parent's best friend... got pregnant and wound up having an abortion, all at 11 yrs old. Im 32 now, I am a recovered alcoholic and recovering heroin addict. Been sober for 10 years now but I live with it everyday, and all he got was 9 months in jail with no parole after.... I wish laws were tougher, he stole my life, my pride, my dignity and any chance at a normal life I had once apon a time, I hate him for it, but I know it wasnt my fault, doesnt change the fact that who I am today isnt who I was supposed to be....

Jan 28, 2012
it's like thate here too.
by: BMW Princess

I'm in Canada.
Rehabilatation might work for some offenders but I don't think it works for child molesters. Child molesters do what they do b/c they like it. If a guy robs a gas station he does it for money not for "fun" Child molesters do what they do for "fun". I highly disagree with our Justice System's premise that child molesters can be rehabilitated. They need to be in jail so they can't hurt any more kids.
That be a good idea eh (;

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