Child Abuse: No one Seems to Care

by Sharon

This story happened a long time ago: 
In 2000 there was a couple that spent the summer in a beautiful lake next to a park. They had a son that was 4 years old. His name was Jon, I believe. He was abused by his parents. They beat him with a belt and their bare hands. They set his legs in pans of boiling water and cut him. They stuck needles in him and took a cloth, stuck it in his mouth, tied him in a chair just to shut him up. One day they tied rope around his little feet and hung him in a closet. They left him there for three days, and when they went to take him out he was dead. Police say that he died because all the blood went to his head.

I just want to say that no one really cares about what is happening in the world. What people do in their own homes...anything can happen to anyone, but no one really seems to care about anyone, just themselves.

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Jun 22, 2009
I believe there ARE caring people...
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Sharon, what happened to this little boy, Jon, was at the hands of very sick parents; there is no doubt about that. But I believe there are a lot of people who care, really care. It is very easy to colour the world with a broad brush stroke and call them all uncaring and selfish when we read of such horrific incidences of abuse. So many ask the question: Why? Why did it have to happen to such an innocent little boy? Why didn't someone notice? Why did he have to die? And it is so easy to stay angry at such situations, especially when we feel powerless to do anything.

But we are not powerless, Sharon. None of us is powerless.

Little 4-year-old Jon is gone now, no longer living in the appalling misery of his few years on this earth, but those of us who read about his horrific life can make sure we do our part to ensure that we make a difference. We can do that by finding purpose in Jon's demise.

People can learn about child abuse, and how to recognize the signs and effects, and then they will be in a better position to ensure that they stand up to protect a child that they suspect is in harms way. Young people can be spurred to learn more about effective parenting to ensure they themselves don't ever harm their own children. Parents can be moved to be more patient and understanding with their own children, and then show them more love instead of more anger. And still others will be inspired to take up child abuse causes, both in their volunteer time and in their life's work. Although there are tragic things that happen to innocent little children like Jon each and every day, I believe that we as spiritual beings can work together to curb, even stop, the scourge that is child abuse. It takes only one person to stand up with love in their hearts to make a difference; because when one stands up, others will follow, and then more will follow. If I didn't believe this, Sharon, I wouldn't do what I do.

Thank you for sharing this story of abuse with my visitors and me. Someone who reads what you wrote may well be compelled to do something that will make a difference. Perhaps that someone will be you, Sharon.

A Video Reading by Darlene Barriere
Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator
Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Jun 22, 2009
Yes at times it looks as if no one seems to care
by: maurice

Sharon, you cared to share this horrific abuse of a four year child JON. He is an angel of God now away from all the pain, ill-treatment, animalistic and brutal by two (one could hardly call the human beings) not alone parents of a beautiful child. Human Nature is good but the same all over the world. Sharon thank you for arriving on Darlene's site and relating this to her and her visitors. JON is one child too many that we hear about. Thankfully when one percents it against the population of where he was abused one will find 90% of family life is good, true and wholesome and most loving and caring of their children. Thank you Sharon from your corner of the world for highlighting how you feel, that is one sure way you will make sure those who live around you and know you will prick their consciousness to ask themselves Do I care when I see or hear about abuse around me. Darlene certainly is very informative in her comment back to you Sharon. Yes while at time we get the impression nobody cares then we realize an awful lot of people care. There are sickos in every part of the globe who would stoop to treat innocent children as cruelly as Jon was. We can be grateful it is because You care Sharon, and I care that there are very few in number nowadays. People won't tolerate them in their community.

Jun 22, 2009
a lesson in self importance.
by: Scott Canada

Self importance is something(an issue) that I have struggled with my whole life. I have struggled with the meaning of it all. In my life I have come head to head with many people that I consider arrogant,mean,blind and selfish.These people care about themselves and it seems,only themselves. These are the same people that stare and point and laugh if they see someone like me trying to do the right thing and help others, throwing beer bottles as they speed by. They think people like me are weird because we don't believe in stealing,lying,fighting etc..I have learned that because of this I on many occasions don't fit in. They think I am a nark. or snitch. At one time when I was 13 I wanted to be a cop,I believed so strongly in right and wrong. That was ruined when someone broke into a closed down old store and stole stuff. I was blamed. The cop harassed me for days in the back of his cop car.My nerves were gone,I was in tears and refused to admit to it. After about 3 weeks it was discovered that it was the local community criminal...well duh! I SAID I DIDNT DO IT!!! The damage was done though and I lost respect even further for authority. That was the end of me wanting to be a law enforcement officer. Of course to learn the true roots of my lack of respect for authority you would have to go back to my childhood and me being beaten by my teacher with my pants down in front of my class...yup ,that could do it. That story I have already written on here though and what I wanted to write about was self importance. The point I want to make is this. When I was growing up and suffering much abuse, my self importance is the only thing that kept me alive. Waiting for someone else to tell I was good and worth it would be a cold day indeed. Self importance is what saved my life. I had to build myself back up after being tore down. Not all self importance is bad. As for that scum we deal with everyday...I would like to hang them upside down for a while. They are against everything that I stand for. Many times I have gone without just to give,make this a better place. I love to give. I can spot a scammer or ripoff artist or thief from miles away. Its great because they don't know that I possess the sight. I am not blind. I am not an easy mark and that type, hates my type. Well its reciprocal.

Jun 22, 2009
Nobody cares...except us and Darlene
by: Francine

Sharon, I can one believed me at all when I tried to tell them what my parents had done to me; no one ever believed me at all when I tried to tell them that my parents tried to destroy and kill me...even my "social worker" literally mocked me and told me that "everything was pretty much my fault", that I "deserved what I got", that I only "broke the rules in the house", that what I went through "wasn't abuse", that it was "discipline", that I never "listened to my parents", etc. Even my parents' friends did not care at all if I ever get beat or yelled at in public by my parents; in fact, all they ever cared about is themselves...and even still to this day, they still only care about themselves...and that literally made me think that they seemed to enjoy me being beat and yelled at, I guess, and that food and parties and going out and smoking are more important to them than I ever am. All I ever have to say to them, the next time we [me and those so-called family friends] met, is that they really need a reality check. Sorry, but I just had to get this off my chest.

Back to Jon. I'm sorry about Jon. How dare his so-called parents beat to death. I hope they go to jail for killing him. Thanks for sharing this story with us. I'm very glad that just spoke out because we need more people to speak out. R.I.P. Jon, at least you're safe now, little man.

Jun 18, 2013
Love never dies
by: BMW Princess

You are obviously a very caring person.
You may not have been able to help that baby on earth but I do believe his heart knew you cared. You will see him again. The last enemy to be destroyed is death.

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