Child Abuse – No one is Listening to the Children

by CM
(Pennsylvania, USA)

My two wonderful grandchildren ages 3 and 4 are being abused by their father. He has court ordered visits. They are to be supervised--by his girlfriend! She threatened to kill the kids!!!!!!--She has done jail time!--He is now in prison--and wants the kids to be driven to the prison (approx. 6 hours away from their home)--to see him. He hates my grandson (age 4) my grandson has started to stutter, and begs us not to send him. His visits start back up as soon as he is released!!!!

At the very 1st overnight visit, my grandson awoke to find his sister missing. He alerted the family that was to be supervising them. They searched all over the home--then outside. They found his 3 year old sister outside under the car, she was dirty and didnt have any shoes on. It was cold that day----she could have been killed. She just a baby!!!!!

Authorities were notified. My grandson was called a flat out liar. They were not allowed drinks and the father put bugs in my grandsons food! He also told us they were locked in the bedroom without a light. They were not to be around any smoke, due to severe allergies and my granddaughters breathing treatments---yet both the father and his girlfriend smoked the entire visit. So much more has happened that i could go on forever! What do we do---where do we turn??? I have written to the congressmen--And child services in SOMERSET PA is a total joke!!They must get paid extra money to stay in the news with all the child deaths and abuse---thats all anyone can figure. ONLY GOD CAN HELP THE CHILDREN

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Apr 28, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Thank you for sharing your grandchildren's story with my visitors and me. Keep being an advocate for them and keep on the Congressman; it may require many letters to get any kind of action.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Apr 29, 2010
Thankfully your grand children have YOU
by: maurice

That is all tha matters for them, I believe in GRAND PARENTS: I have been blessed to journey with them and there families closely for the past forty years. We speak about the Grannies/Granddads generation fast being eroded from our societies: They wil never die out (ever)completely because Of YOU: You are listening to the pain of your beloved grandchildren, You won't give up on them how blessed and lucky they are. You will be listened to, you will be heard, just being you for the sake of those innocents: Loving, Caring, wonderful, beautiful great, GOD sent. Special. There's still is power in the GRAND PARENTS generation. You'll be winners and the voice for the sake of your grand children and all their little friends. Great reading your story lobby all congress people, personally and collectively you won't give up on your grand-children. Good on YOU

Nov 08, 2010
No One Listens
by: Anonymous

Its true no one listens to the children, i am sixteen and one of five and my dad physically and emotionally abused me. When we 'escaped' we had lots of long hours in court and my mum put in for a protection order and they that wasn't graunteed and yet the court said in there reports that he had been violent and abusive my lawyer tried to force me and my brothers and sisters into seeing my dad fortunately because of our age 14-15 (and the amount of fuss we put up) we didn't have to see him but my three siblings still do! And i was covered in bruises and a broken arm and the court has notes and pictures on that as well as a video that i had taken of him abusing us and still they have to see him!
But because we are CHILDREN by law they think that they have to make the decisions for us that we can't make them for ourselves cause we need a relationship with our mother or father to be STABLE!!!

lets put this way your grandchildren could be CRYING and bloody and there is a good chance that they would still ignore you!!! BUT they will listen to an adult most likely so if i were you and being good in court, this may seem like an odd request but i would get your grandchildren to tell you what they go through and tape it. NOT only that but i would take photos if they are ever physically harmed or look malnourished and logs at times and dates that they go to see there father with as to what they did at there fathers i would get a phycologist a good one NOT appointed through the court and if you are going through the courts or child services or whatever make SURE you get one who is looking for the best interests of the children and get a report on your grandchildren you can even get them to go to there dads during one of his visits of course he would have to be informed of this and they would come to yours or there mothers house to see how the children react around you! This may seem horrible for the children and alot of work but all this can used as evidence against their dad!!! you then want to ask for an assessment on the childrens supporivision and the court with the evidence gathered should get one! you can try have the children removed from his care again you can get a protection order from him for the children if you want that means if he come within a certain distance of them he is arrested the're lots of other things you can do you may just have to look that up! but if you do all this i guarrentee you the LEAST you will get is a PROPER supivisor while your children are with there dad and that person will have to write a report everytime they go and put it into the court/care service.

Hope this helps!!!!
If you're worried about your grandkids safety in the mean time what i did with my sibliings is create an emergency plan were you tell them if they are EVER upset or feel unsafe or threatened then to get together and lock yourself in a room and call the police!!!

Ok thanks!

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