Child Abuse - My Granddaughter Left on the Street at Night

by Donna F
(Montana, USA)

Left in the street at 10pm at 10 years old: 
My daughter and granddaughter were driving home and were having a disagreement in the car. My daughter said she got fed up with her "10" year old daughter so she pulled to the side of the street, got out, went to the other side of the car got her daughter out of the car and said to her her "I hope you can find your way home". My daughter got back in the car and left her daughter standing there in the middle of the street, 10pm, dark, 2 miles from home, alone.

My granddaughter had remembered a friend lived nearby so she went there and called me and I went and picked her up and brought her to my house. I had made an agreement with my daughter that when things went wrong and my granddaughter called me I would call her parents but I was so appalled at this situation I wasn't thinking straight.

My granddaughter was so frightened and so was I. Her dad called to talk to her and I told him not to be angry with her and he got really mad and I didn't care I was so mad at what happened.

Well the parents came to my house with the police and got my granddaughter. They took her and left the officer to threaten me with jail and or prison for interfering with parental discipline even though a 10 year old was left in the middle of the street alone at 10 pm. The officer said she was old enough to find her way home. I let it go that night.

The next day, since I had turned my daughter in for child abuse before but she works within the system in my city so they have been protecting her and attacking her and not believing my granddaughter, I went to the police station and asked to talk to a seasoned officer.

I told him what happened and he said he did not know where the officer of the night before had gotten information or training but he was wrong. What happened was called "child endangerment" and it didn't matter who you were or who you worked for. But since he was not the officer on call there was nothing he could do. ANOTHER BRICK WALL1 My usual story.

My granddaughter has been denied me four years now. Just recently I have become financially stable and can finally afford an Attorney to look into grandparent visitation and my rights to visit my granddaughter. I will spend every penny trying to see her unless she has been pressured to deny me which is something I feel her mother will do; make her home life miserable if she wants to see me in which case I will let it go. I will leave it to her but I won't give up until she says to. I love and miss her very much. I have already lost my grandsons.

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May 14, 2011
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

I'm sorry this is going on for your granddaughter. As for the police officer, absurd! Child endangerment most definitely! A so-called seasoned officer is not high enough. I would escalate the complaint. I would find out exactly who the officer was and go the distance for what he said to you that night as the person who was looking out for the best interests of your granddaughter. If I couldn't get satisfaction from the police department, I'd go further up the chain of command, by demanding an investigation through state legislative and/or senate representatives. And if I still wasn't heard, I'd take it to the media. I wish you and your granddaughter all the best, Donna. Thank you for sharing yours and your granddaughter's story with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

May 15, 2011
The love of a Grand-Parent is empowering.But the law is against them.
by: maurice

In our small nation Ireland we are bring in a Children's rights bill: along side that should be a parient's rights bill and a grand-parnets right bill: They all must comliment each other so that the child is full proteceted at all times from anyone who would harm them: Here we have a sheer example of Grand-Parents wanting to protect their Grand child from being abused by their own daughetr (mother) and father in the name of parents: Sadly we have all kinds and levels of people enforcing the law: No coherent standards to quote as the Law when something like what happened your Grand-daughter: Protecting the child seems the last thing: the rightys of abusive parents is the winner even though etc: Then you as her loving Grand-Parent wanting to safeguard and protect he has to wait untill you are financially secure before you can challenge her abusers: her parents your own Daughter: All form of abuse in homes have been protected in the home by laws through the years: Darlene's comment to you telling the truth makes me feel sad, threatened and even frightened to speak out knowing this: I must not give up hope: I must not loose faith in our justice for all systems: Like you being fnancially secure before one can fight a flawed system with two officers of the law saying quoting different intepretations of the law: Your Daughter di your grand daughter an injustice: in the dark of the night to pull her from the car and tell her as my form of discipline for what you said is Find Your Own Way Home: A 10 year old for God's sake: your grand daughter had the sense of mind at the time (lucky her) She loves her Grand-parents: Trusts them and yet her parents can threaten you with the law and the police: While the majority of honest decent paraents love and cherish their children never to put their children in danger: I hope you'll be a winner for your Grand-daughters sake: You are Special:

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