Child Abuse - Molesters Cannot Be Rehabilitated

by Name Undisclosed

There's NO rehabilitating a child molester: 
My father molested my sister and me for over ten years. She ran away at 14. I had my dad locked up in La. he was sentenced to 5yrs. hard labor, he did 2.5 in a sewing factory, he had money. my sister marries at 15 has 5 girls. Years pass I ftnd out my dad is molesting again, I have him thrown in folsom. I then find out my brother in law is being charged for the same thing but in another case. cps has been in and out of this family for 20 years, the bay area and nevada. years pass and I find out my brother in law is awaiting sentencing for molesting his 4 daughters and thier babies. then I find out my father molested my nieces and thier babies. How dare my sister still have freedom. She should be sentenced too for not protecting her babies and for ever taking them around the man that violated her. we need to start using the death penalty for these molesters, there is no legal help for our kids. I have 2 kids that never got to meet their grandfather, I saved my kids. I only wish I could have saved my nieces.

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May 14, 2011
To Name Undisclosed:
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Child sexual abuse is epidemic in our society. As a whole, society essentially turns a blind eye to the children who are incapable of protecting themselves. What happened in your family happens far more often than people care to believe. You kept your children safe from harm; you can be so proud of that. You wouldn't allow what happened to you happen to them. Your sister made different choices, which continued the cycle of abuse of one generation after another. I can only hope the abusers are never again permitted to be around children. As for your sister, she's been seriously damaged by what happened to her; and as a result, more and more children were victimized. She has much to answer for. Thank you for sharing yours and your family's story, as well as your point of view with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

May 14, 2011
Molestaers Cannot Be Rehab
by: GPM

Your message is right on target, and what you did in the way of having criminal molesters put away is extremely commendable. I am sorry that so many had to suffer at the hands of two such abusers, and I know it must hurt you deeply. But I see a fighter in you and that makes all the difference in the world.

One day the courts will have to recognize that small defenseless children are VICTIMS and the abusers are CRIMINALS. Coward criminals at that.
Put them away for a long,long, time. See who they molest in lock-up.

You stay tuff lady friend.

May 15, 2011
The Cycle of molesters/abusers remain in Our Society and Community
by: maurice

The world over where known molesters, abusers, and the perpetraters of abuse happened> sadly for ever it will remain and continue: There are not enough prisons: there are not enough supporting counselling facilities for either molester or victim: Within families there is not enough honesty and love between siblings who were abused to acknowledge and admit that their father was an abuser: This brave story spells that out for Darlene and her Visiitors: I know many of the boys who were physically abused by the one who undressed me and beat me on the the bare bottom humiliated me taking away my innnocence and dignity as a child and adolecent: Would not admit they were abused: I find that quite alarming: I know many more in families who accept they were abused by there Father's but say it never did me any harm: Is this denial or what: Thankfully you have accepted you were abused by this beast of a Father: That is most important for you and your beautiful special children: It is proven that your Father was a molester/abuser otherwise he would not have had to serve a sentence: For your sister to live in denial, to put her beautiful children at risk by him and their Father and choose to put them in danger of these Animals: I can't and will never understand such ignorance of the fact: especially when she knows her Father molested her and you: It is real, true but very frighteneing still to read Darlene's comment to you: She affirms you: You are precious, honest, truthful, brave to write your true feeling and sentiment: Even in all both of you say I will never give hope that the younger generations once they bein to know and accept they have been abused will ensure proper sentencing and punishment will be served on their abusers: They may not be as accepting of those who get light sentences for their crimes: Put away for life, that is what I say: on an island all to themselves, then let them be their own judges living with the knowledge and pain that each one abused or molested an innocent vunerable child: Who for some it is a life sentence: Please have brave, and good people around you and your children to love, cherish, value, respect, you as a friend and a lover and protector of your children: Don't give up hope: Don't quit standing up for what you believe: Always believe in yourself: I pray your sad, sick, sister will stop the cycle of abuse of her own and other innocent children by acknowledgeing and getting help for herself and admitting she is a victim:

Aug 18, 2011
terrible abuse
by: Anonymous

It is absolutely terrible that your sister let this person back in her life to abuse her children, and I do also fault the system for obviously failing to rehabilitate your father before releasing him. The criminal justice system in the US doesn't even try to rehabilitate most people, but puts them away in prisons that are rife with violence, rape, and exploitation with the obvious result that they come out worse than when they went in. [I believe] A great many 'sex offenders' definitely can be rehabilitated (a vital part surely therapy to explore how they were once sexually abused children themselves--if we can recover from eating disorders and manic depression, why couldn't the repetition compulsion be cured?), and in a way that serves the community and limited resources far better than life imprisonment or the death penalty. We have the highest prison population in the world, and locking people up is now a for-profit industry in America, so while I share in the emotion expressed here, I don't agree with the solution.

Nov 12, 2011
sorry for the ones who suffered
by: Anonymous

i am here to let people know that where i live in a small town, there is a place where they bring in these so called child molesters, so far there is 19 of them here. god forbid if they come around me

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