Child Abuse - Lost and in Fear For My Children

by Darnasha
(Kansas, USA)

Six years ago my kids were placed in srs (Social and Rehabilitation Services) custody so i gave their grandparents temporary custody not realizing the paper i sign was permant custody,When the judge explain it to me he said temporary custody.So for the last three years i've been informed of the abuse my kids have been going through i've called social services but nothing was done, i then hired a lawyer to get my kids back the grandmother told me yes i could have them back but the grandfather told me no. So last monday at 5:30 am my daughter text me asking me to come get her she later called me at 10:30am saying her grandfather tried to slit her dads throat and told her he would kill her too so i know i got to get my kids out that situation i have had enough but i don't know how to do it without getting myself in trouble.My kids are so terified of their grandparents i don't know what to do and would be upset if my daughter was to run away like she has been telling me because i live 8 hrs and 3 states away from them.

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Mar 15, 2012
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Any time children are put into an abusive situation, the system is required to act when they've been notified. When you say "nothing was done", that could mean that what you wanted done wasn't. If you believe that no one investigated or took up your complaint, then you have an obligation to go further up the chain of command within the social services agency responsible for doing such investigations. I don't know what happened for your children to be put into a situation where they were removed from your home; and that does play a huge role here. Your options are limited, and since your children have already gone through the legal system (rightly or wrongly), that's likely where you'll have to concentrate your efforts. But it's highly unlikely that any judge is going to re-award you custody if s/he believes the children are at risk with you. I'm not passing judgment here. I just can't offer you any advice, except to say that your lawyer is in a better position to help you than anyone who visits this site. I do send you and your children love, light and healing energy, Darnasha. Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Mar 15, 2012
Health and Wellness
by: Rita M

It must be hard with what you are going through.
I always feel bad for the children.Children need to be in a very stable enviroment.I don't know why the Child Services have apprehended your children.Maybe try to call a lawyer that really knows the ropes.I would encourage you to speak up about the abuse.This must be very frightening for you.I'd like to encourage you to go to councelling
and also group sessions.That way you are in the
surroundings of other parents that are going through the same type of thing you are going through.To go through this alone is very hard.
The courts would be looking for a stable enviroment with you if you were to get your children back.You need to build yourself up
wether you have your children back or not.There
are a couple of reasons why:
1)for your own sake of health,mental and physical
health build yourself up
2)If you get your children back the courts will see you are stable and last of all if they are
not returned to you keep building up for when they
see you again at later time in life.
The way your daughter calls you and lets you know how things are going probalby will see you again as she has a heart for you as well the
other(s).It sounds like there is still a heart for you.Consentrate on yourself right now hopefully with councelling.Your feelings come out and you hear yourself because you are allowing yourself to heal from the issues.You are in a space for this right now take advantage of it.
You are a living soul too and deserve to be happy and stable.Treat yourself with wellness in every way posible,because you are worth it.To have order in your life is one of the main things for healing.Be well and keep looking ahead.Life has alot ot offer.God Bless
Rita M

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