Child Abuse - Lost and in Fear For My Children

by Darnasha
(Kansas, USA)

Six years ago my kids were placed in srs (Social and Rehabilitation Services) custody so i gave their grandparents temporary custody not realizing the paper i sign was permant custody,When the judge explain it to me he said temporary custody.So for the last three years i've been informed of the abuse my kids have been going through i've called social services but nothing was done, i then hired a lawyer to get my kids back the grandmother told me yes i could have them back but the grandfather told me no. So last monday at 5:30 am my daughter text me asking me to come get her she later called me at 10:30am saying her grandfather tried to slit her dads throat and told her he would kill her too so i know i got to get my kids out that situation i have had enough but i don't know how to do it without getting myself in trouble.My kids are so terified of their grandparents i don't know what to do and would be upset if my daughter was to run away like she has been telling me because i live 8 hrs and 3 states away from them.

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