Child Abuse - Labels As Emotional Abuse

by BMW Princess

I don't really want to tell you this b/c I am afraid ppl will judge me.I think saying a child has oppositional defiant disorder is emotional abuse.

It is an unfair label and makes the child sound "bad" The dx of ODD puts the blame on a child for hurting. There are other reasons a child could be hurting. A diagnosis of ODD is a good cover to molest a child. If the child is "bad" he may not be beleived Molestation of a "bad" child adds to the hurt and can cause the child to act out more. That label will follow a child wherever he goes. I was dx with that label in high school. I don't even like to talk to my professor b/c I am very attached to her and I think "OMG she knows." But i did tell her in an evasive way because i needed to get the hurt out. I told her in an essay. I just brought the topic up. I can't even be like "Good morning J--" b/c she might see how evil i am. The labels have made me afraid of school. I don't wnt to be judged on this page. There are kids who die from being shaken and i am griping about emotional abuse. There are ppl my age w. cancer who want to live and i'm healthy and don't want to live. I feel weak b/c emotional abuse can make me want to die. I know i'm giving the evil _ what he wants. I will emphatically NOT commit suicide b/c that is giving him what he wants. I think we should remove ODD from the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Find out why the child is hurting. If a child is acting out because of sexual or other abuse you have a moral obligation to help the child. You also have a legal obligation to report abuse. I don't want to be judged for this essay.
The hurt needed to come out. Emotional abuse is very harmful to the soul.
Please post this and please don't judge me.

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Dec 11, 2012
To BMW Princess:
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Firstly, You don't EVER have to worry about being judged here. I will never let that happen. Secondly, I agree with you! We now live in a society where people are looking for labels to explain what seems to be unexplainable. Yet, if we look close enough, we can see there are very real reasons for behaviours in children. The problem can come into play when an abusive parent doesn't seem abusive. The doctor then decides on a disorder that would explain behaviours that are perfectly normal under the circumstances. Only those circumstances are not known. Keep speaking out, BMW Princess. Keep writing essay's, if that's what feels safe for you. Not only are you entitled to your opinion, you have a remarkable insight to behaviours and circumstances that others simply do not possess. This is an opportunity for you to turn pain into power...and you've started doing that by writing this essay. Keep writing! Thank you for sharing your perspective on this issue with my visitors and me. And as always, I send you love, light and healing energy.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

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