Child Abuse - Child Raped By Her Father

by Agnes K

I am from a women organization and also helping child rights. I had recently come to learn that a child was being raped by her father and the mother did not inform anyone. It was only by chance that a neighbour who was trying to dress the little girl (4 and half years of age then) saw her breast swollen. she then informed the mother who kept quite. Then she checked the private prts of the little girl and found it had swelled a lot and red with blood.The neighbour (a lady) even gave money to the mother to take her child for check up with a doctor. The mother went and we are now trying to get to meet the doctor who is a private practitioner. The prescription has been torn by the father.

The neighbour then asked the little girl what happened and she said her father did it.That was in front of two ladies who are willing to give witness they had seen the bruises. After a couple of months the girl was raped by an elderly neighbour and the mother came to us to inform and a rape case was registered against him and the child had stitches too. now that time I did not know that the father had also previously raped the child. So now since I knew filed an FIR (First Information Report) against him but he got bail and the wife was helping him. I filed the FIR because I first spoke to the child and asked her what did her father do and she just pointed to her private parts. I knew this little girl told the truth so that angered me and I filed the FIR. But now since the mother was helping the husband he got bail within 5 days. Now he has even shifted his place of residence. I don't know how I can strengthen the case so that I can help the little girl. The neighbours who had seen the girls plight and bruises have given their statements and are backing me up.

Agnes K

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Jan 10, 2011
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Firstly, I comment and applaud that you are doing your due diligence to try to help this abused child. The best anyone can do when there are either suspicions of or known child abuse is to make a report, and then follow up on that report to ensure that it hasn't been dropped by the agency responsible. "Strengthening" a case must be on the facts. Keep reporting what you know about the mother and the father, and get all neighbours who also know this to report as well. The more who report, the more likely the case will be properly investigated. If you haven't already, consider contacting the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development for more information that might be available to you. Stay vigilant. Thank you for sharing this with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jan 11, 2011
Great and good news: A friend in need is a friend indeed Great Women
by: maurice

Thank you both: Darlen and Agnes: Great Women show the way in their inherent nature: I've no doubt what so ever if thre were such groups and good women like you both when My Generation of girls were growing up in almost total isolation being raped within their own homes in rural Ireland: Ignorance prevailed then: Abuse was a hidden subject: The numerous casrs I have heard and read about such happening within the home is shocking: Fathers seemed to rule the roost: The bread winner crap and all that supported by a church that was male dominated: Almost everything the father did in the home had the churc's blessing: The physical and sexual abuse of their daughters the beatings of their sons: The humiliation many women suffered in those bad days from their childhood until they left the house to work: Yes, I have heard of many a girl being beaten on their bare bottoms into their 20's: It was so wrong and yet society of the time accepted as being normal: That four year old girl is a blessed child: Agnes and your great caring group are a God's send in our society today: Darlene you sure are one great woman to have this site so that I and many of your visitors can learn, can be encuraged on how to report abuse: Sadly I am afraid there is loads of abuse going on around me and in society and the world that people are still scared to tell: Out of fear and a false respect for their neighbour who in most cases they don't know: But thankfully the younger generation are not afraid to let it be known that their family is not the best: Keeping faith and hope alive in reporting abuse with a culture of total disregard for human life is becoming more difficult: I wonder at times where will it all end? there are thousands of abused who need counselling but there is insufficien numbers of Therapists and counsellors available for them to approach: So Agnes even if you help one that is great: Thank You

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