Child Abuse By My Husband

by Katie
(Texas, USA)

I told a councler yesterday about all the lovely things my husband has done to me and the 2 instances my husband hurt my child. But the freakin councler acted like it was nothing, I think she thinks i am lying, why would i lie about this???? GOd i dont know what to do. My husband is in the military if i tell them they will take all his pay and ill be left on street, hes in iraq right now so there is no further threat for a year. Here are some of the things i told her yesterday. about 4 years ago when my daughter was a newborn i asked him to help me ( middle of the night), i asked 4 times on the 4th time he threw the lava lamp on changing table, Dont know if aimed at me, it hit the closet door and shattered every were cutting me on the leg, then i picked up my daughter went to call police he unplugged phone, tried to leave grabbed onto my daughter and would not let go and i struggled to hang onto her, didnt want her to get hurt so i let him have her. went upstairs and told the girl i knew up there she did nothing but let me sit there and cry. then when my daughter was 15 mon old my mom was over to help me with my newest addition and i was changing zoe's diaper, she was fighting me not letting me put her diaper on , my mom sad give her a little smack on but to get her attention and tell her to be still so you can change her diaper, so i did , she still fought , my husband was in room came over turned her to spank on but she turned , it landed on her stomac but hit her so hard there was a hand print for 4 hours after. My mom wanted to call cops , but we didnt know what to do. there is constant verbal abuse to both zoe and i for years. he throws things all the time punched a whole in wall. zoe is now 4 years . i was outside watering grass seed. he tied up zoe's hads behind her back , because she stole somthing. this was recent. I heard her crying came in and screamed at him cut it off her, wanted to call police , was more concerned for zoe , and I am scared of him, so i didnt call but God i wish i did. I told the councler all this and she had no reaction and said that my kids were out of control and that he probably was just trying to figure a way to get her to stop stealing things. SCREW THAT. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER.

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Dec 17, 2009
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

All I can suggest is that you escalate the report to a supervisor. And keep doing so until someone listens. And I also ask that you please respect what I'm trying to do on this site and refrain from the use of profanity. I understand you rage and your need to get it out, but to do so on my site is to affect the integrity of it. I thank you for your understanding.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Dec 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

I knw its really hard for you to leave your husband and all. I knw I am no one and jus an outsider to ask you to complain on your husband and break up. But I think u dnt read all the stories on this site. There are people here who are still being tortured by what they faced when they were young. So please dont let your child suffer. Do something to save her...

Jan 26, 2010
by: holly ; from new zealand.

are you gonna choose your husband or children ?
to hell with the counsellor. she doesnt know your children, YOU do. do what is best for you & the children. i suggest leave and if he ever does this again CALL THE COPS.

Jan 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

darling i am so sorry to hear that but so what he is in the military and yes if you tell the cops he cou;d get everything takin away from him but you wouldnt be on the streets theres always help somewhere...but think of it this way, would you rather you and your baby girl get beat up all yhr time or get leave that sorry p***k and get him fired from his job??? seriously do whats best for you and zoe:)

Feb 04, 2010
listen to me
by: Anonymous

I think he has major issues and you and your children need to stay away from him.He has anger problem and can be very dangerous.If you stay its going to keep on getting bad.Don't be scared to move on without him because everyone has to start from nothing...

Mar 29, 2010
been there done that
by: Anonymous

Trust me...put your daughter first. If you don't protect her now, she will hate you later.

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