Child Abuse - A Sickness

by Keith
(New Brunswick, Canada)

I think people who do child abuse are sick people, Maybe I do not think it is right I find that some one who is abusing there child may have bin abused them self. I am not saying it was ok of them what I am saying is these people need help because there maybe a underline thing that has made them like the way they are. I think this is something that has to be looked at more close. Child Abuse is not funny at all and I think the people who do that should be punished but they need to get help at the same time its sad but it is a sickness in my books.

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Comments for Child Abuse - A Sickness

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Jul 03, 2011
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Well said. You've hit on the most basic challenge society faces when it comes to child abuse: the fact that the overwhelming number of abusers have themselves been abused in some way, and that we must address that first and foremost. Abusers DO need help. Not that all those that have been abused go on to abuse. But statistics show that 60% of kids who grow up in an abusive environment go on to repeat the behaviour, becoming either an abuser or a victim of abuse. If that doesn't tell us we need to do something about the problem, nothing does. Parents need support which they often don't have access to in our society. We teach basic skills in school, but we leave child-rearing up to the individual, without any skills other than the skills they learned within their own homes. We need to teach effective and loving ways to parent and discipline children, without the use of violence. But what we need more than anything, Keith, is the younger generation, people like you, to step up and speak up. Speak up about what needs to be done...and then when enough people do step up and speak up and offer up alternatives, real alternatives, then we can look forward to change. Until then, we live with the status quo...and that status quo cannot be sustained without very severe consequences. But I have faith in people like you, Keith. You've taken one step by speaking out here. I hope you'll continue to take more and more steps that will lead to every child living with dignity and respect, and living in safety and love. Thank you for offering your thoughts on this very pervasive issue with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jul 03, 2011
the abuster
by: kathy powers

about the ones that abuse... well i see everyone under the son well he must have been abused or he came from a dysfunctional family well were were those people when i was being abused i was in front of a judg because i kept running away but i was the problem child i was chalked up to not wanting to follow rules he was chalked up to being a very respectful man with ties to the community and was loved by all he was successful right along with all of his family they had old money but no one not one person asked me why and whats wrong is there something we can do to help you NO NOT ONE PERSON asked me that but they did tell me if i didn't stay put in my house they would put be somewhere were i would listed and not be able to run... why not lock him why was i the prisoner i was the sick one not if we need to pitty the sick B#$%^ well it wont be me.. i say take them all and put them on a deserted island and they can molest each other..and for the people who say im sorry i was molested BS i was molested but i have NO desire to go and hurt my kids infact im the opposite i will kill before they would have to go threw what i have been three...

Jul 04, 2011
THANK YOU: You are truly a very special person
by: maurice

Keith you state the obvious about all those who have abused and still abuse: This is the truth, a fact. Societies where we all live sadly are still adjusting as to the best way forward both for the abuser and the abused: Darlene, Thank you, you sure know, 6o% a real percent, when one compares it to where I am coming from in my own abuse hat sure is a realistic percetn: 20/30/40 years ago it may have been higher because people abused but were not aware that they were abusing especially in the area of discipline (physical) where I lived in rural Ireland every family was physiaclly abuse by Fathers in particular: In the name of being the bread winner and therefore head of the house etc: In all institutions physiacl discipline was the norm: Thankfully since the whole debate began and The Church and states accepted abuse was, is and will always be criminal and un-acceptable in our society: Great steps have been taken to educate, to help, to secure proper safeguarding of children throughout the world: In Ireland we sure have made great strides to educate and make aware to people ABUSE is wrong: It is a sickness but it must not under any circumsances be condoned: Sadly many who were abused as the innocent and the vunerable will struggle most of there lives: The real sicko's in my understanding are the ones who live in denial that they abused: I believe accepting that it is a sicknes in the great percent sadly there is that big percent who will not get help or go into therapy because that would be admitting their human frality and their sickness: Society mus be safeguarded from this sort of person: Dalrene once again you have given Keith and so many the place and the space to express one's true feelings so that each of us your visitors can love, value, respect and encourage each other to be in counselling/therapy or to speak out so that this will be available to each and everyone who was abused: As well as to their abuser: Thank You;

Oct 03, 2011
Just Putting it Out Their !
by: Keith M

I think times have changed and people who abuse others need treatment a lot of people just think they should be put in jail and forgot about. The fact is that will not help them I can understand where someone that has been abused is coming from the person that has been abused needs help just as much as the abuser does. I think if you can get the person who was abused in some kind of theropy that would help the person who was being abused. If we get the person who did the abusing some kind of help this cam make sure that it does not happen again by dealing with the sickness. Like I said before they still need punishment just not without the help too.

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