Child Abuse - A Molester in Our Neighbourhood

by Little Girl Lost
(Location Undisclosed)

There was a woman that I was friends with about 1 year ago. She had an 8 year old son. Anyway, to make a long story short, she had a boyfriend who was a convicted Child Molester. He admitted it to me himself. My son was only 10 years old and I refused to deal with her anymore. I'm still in my healing process from my own abuse, so you can imagine how I felt. I finally told my SACC worker and she got on the phone right away and called Child Protection. She told them that "There was a Child that was in potential danger". This man was also going to the school to pick up my ex-friend's son. My son attended that school too. I was so afraid for the children that I had to tell someone. Now, a year later, I've seen his profile on Facebook. There are women and men who have children and even have pictures of them. The police told me that they couldn't do anything, only if he re-offends. Can anyone really believe that he's reformed? I don't know what to do.

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Mar 23, 2011
To Little Girl Lost:
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

You did the right thing with your friend. Your first priority is for the safety of your son. I commend and applaud that you drew such a line in the sand with this woman. Her judgment is not in the best interest of her child, and as such, exposes your son as well as other children. The police's hands are tied as to what they can do because this man has already served his time. So unless there's an order for him to stay away from children, or he commits another crime, they really can't do anything. If you're in the USA, you can contact the Pedophile Watchdog people, but if you're in Canada, we don't have such an organization. The laws are different here in Canada. The best you can do is to bring awareness into the picture, without making your son afraid. Let the school know that this man is a convicted child molester. Tell all your neighbours. Perhaps all of you together, including the school, can come up with a plan that will help to ensure the protection of all the children. At the very least, everyone will know about this molester, and be in a better position to protect their own children.

There isn't a cure for pedophilia, but it can be controlled. The problem comes into play when the pedophile doesn't want to control the pedophilia. As a matter of statistics, I will point out that the recidivism rate among convicted child molesters is actually quite low (I realize that's small comfort when it's your child at risk). I'll also state that the statistic may well reflect situations where the molester is not permitted to be within a certain distance of children. I don't have stats for molesters who are given a target rich environment, such as what your friend may well be providing.

Where ever you live, perhaps your voice can be added to those trying to bring about changes to laws that govern convicted child molesters. Contact your state representative or local member of parliament for more information. Thank you for sharing with my visitors and me. I wish you and your son, and all the children in your neighbourhood, all the best.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Mar 23, 2011
Re: A Molester in Our Neighbourhood
by: Anonymous

Thank you, again, Darlene for you're advice. I did contact the school and they were very co-operative. This man no longer picks up my ex-friend's son at the school. Since the Children's Aid Society was called, my ex-friend moved away. I will pray for her son and any other children where she may have moved. I really admire you, Darlene. Hopefully, one day, I will make a difference too. Yours Very truly, Little Girl Lost.

Mar 24, 2011
Little Girl Lost
by: Anonymous

Little Girl Lost, I think it's time to give yourself another title. After reading your post, I realised that I had been 'listening' to a woman who is strong, who acts on her convictions, who recognises abusive personalities and moves away instead of toward them, and who has the courage to speak up. This, alone, tells me that you are no longer a little lost girl. You're a lovely woman who has found the truth and no longer runs from fear. You're an inspiration!


Mar 24, 2011
THANK YOU: You are truly a very special person
by: maurice

From my heart to you and Darlene: Both special: true and genuine: Well done for expressing your motherly heart fears about this molester living in your community: Darlene's honesty re-assures me and I am certain all her many visitors: You are a blessing as a caring loving mother of your own child and that of other children in making sure they are safe: It is great to have courageous mothers like you: Great the school acted: Sadly it is a worry for where ever they moved: Please God there will be equally concerned parents there who will inform the authorities and the schools where he might be picking the child up from: There is greatness and goodness in you loving mom: Your the best

Mar 24, 2011
A Molester in the Neighbourhood - Little Girl Lost.
by: Anonymous

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful comments. Let's pray that one day all children won't have to go through what many and I went through. God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

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