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Can I disclose what my friend's dad did to me anonymously?

by Maddy

I have recently posted a story on this website (Child Abuse Story From Maddison) and have a few questions.

I want to report my friend's dad, but I want to know if I can do it anonymously, (and if it will show up on the phone bill). You said that it was likely that my friend was also being abused by the dad, but I'm pretty sure she's not because she loves to be around him and he is her favorite parent. I just know in my gut he isn't abusing her. My friend also has a lot of other friends over who are very comfortable with her dad, everyone is. So I don't think he is abusing anyone else. I think he just had an urge. I just know he isn't abusing anyone else. I never remember him ever being abusive. He just liked to hang out with his daughter. Although in the past he was strange (like tickling us till we cried) I just know he isn't abusing anyone.

And even if I did report him, they couldn't prove anything because there were no witnesses or any evidence. So I don't know what good it would do, except ruin his and his family's lives. I just know in my gut he isn't abusing his daughter. And it was hardly anything (as I said in my story).

I know this isn't a story, but I had no other way of getting this to you because I don't have an email. But please answer!

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