Acquaintance Rape Story From Chelsea

by Chelsea

When I was 18 I was in a bar partying with friends nd was dancing with this guy i met...i dont know his name to this day.....I started feeling really wierd so i told my friends I was gonna go home. When I went outside to catch a cab the guy i was dancing with came out nd said he would drive me being the trusting person i was I said sure nd got in....well we started driving in the wrong direction so i told him where i lived nd he kept going....all the while everything was getting blurry...he said he needed to get his drivers liscense in case he got pulled over so i said ok no problem. when we got to his house..( a rundown trailer in a bad part of town)he said come in nd get some water you ll feel again being the trusting person i am i said yes soon as we got inside i felt sick i asked where the bathroom was and as i was walking to it i seen that the back door only had a blanket as a door. when iwas done getting sick i was walking down the hall when he pulled me into a bedroom.....he threw me on a bed nd strated ripping my pants off!!! by this time i was feeling out of it nd couldnt even fight him off ( i was drugged with ghb!) i just kept saying no no no but i dont even think he heard me....he just kept saying you like this dont you? you wanted me all night i knew it!!!! like wtf?! then i woke up nd he was sleeping beside me cuddling me like we were a couple or something..... i remembered the blanket door so i found my pants and put them on...i was sore allover and shaking violently. I was so sick too. then i just crawled to the door nd threw myself out it....I half ran nd crawled to the nearest convenience store nd i swear i thought he was chasing me!.....the clerk called my best friend for me and she picked me up...she convinced me to go to the hospital....that was awful but it had to be done so he would pay!....when the cops got to the house where it happened it was on fire!!! apparently it was an abandoned house nd noone lived there!! His dna wasnt on file nd i had to go through months and months of testing to make sure he didnt give me hiv or aids!!!! ive been in couneslling ever since and have major trust issues with men.....but I am getting better....I just always feel like I cant remember what he looked like so Ive probably seen him and would never know!!!! I just hope this sick monster gets whats coming to him one day!!! thank you for reading and just know that Im not letting this affect me for the rest of my life! I will get past it!

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Oct 12, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

You have a great friend in the person you disclosed to. She convinced you to go to the hospital. If you hadn't, there is every chance you wouldn't have gotten the help you need to get through this trauma. Stay in therapy, and keep with your positive attitude. Both will get you far. Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

Darlene Barriere: author. speaker. survivor. coach.
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
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Oct 13, 2010
be brave: Be Strong: Love your beautiful Sell
by: maurice

Oh Chelsea: my heart goes out to you having read your honest relating of what that Animal did to you for his own sexual gratification and the cowardly way he did it to you: The trauma:The memories of that nght are long lasting: But you have a life to live NOW: Don't let that beast ruin it for you: You have a wonderful friend who looked after and cared for you that horrible night: She will be your saving help: Allow her with others to help you live as normal a life as is possible after such a horrendous experience: Drug rape you did not have control over: Don't keep blaming yourself: for anything that happened you that night: You wanted to protect yourself: You valued and respected yourself going out to enjoy a relaxing time: Then this beast did a awful injustice to your self respect and dignity: You got away from him: You had a place to run to: You had a clerk who called your friend: She hurried to your side: She brought you to the hospital: She stood bye you through you awful ordeal: You received love and the help you needed: That is all the good and positive: Use that as your platform to move forward in your life: Chelsea: Darlene as always has given you hope in the loving empowering words she has written to you from her heart: With the help of your friend and friends act on her encourageing words; She has turned her abuse pain into power: You can too: Let your motto be: I WILL: I CAN: I MUST: WHY CHELSEA??? Because I am WORTH it: Be gentle and kind to yourself and that beautiful body of yours: You make it the body you know it is for you A beautiful body: I hope he is caught: I can say what I would like to do with him out of respect for Darlene and her many visitors: He does not deserve to be a free man for the trauma he put you through: Chelsea: You'll be fine: I want you to have a healthy mind in a healthy body: Change your daily/weekly routine so that you can get out and about with your friends taking part in team sports: Oh yes that will give you a new beginning: Will allow you to share your gifts and tallents with others in a natural and safe invironment: Begin to slow love yourself: Always believe in yourself: Don't let that beast ruin your capacity to trust: ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Act on Darlene's loving words to you: get counselling: It will do you a power of good:

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