A Prayer for Breezy an Abused Child

by Nothermom
(New York, USA)

I pray for Breezy and her sister. I tried to get help for them but fear that they are too afraid to tell. They have all the symptoms of abused children and some things I saw were "strange" to say the least. It just didn't occur to me that they were being abused. I kick myself for not walking in when I could have, but the prospect of them being abused was the farthest from my mind. I wish I had, I would've been their witness and could've spoken the words they fear to speak. I suspect their father of sexually abusing them. I believe their mother knows. She likes his money more than her kids I think, that would explain why she continues to let the kids see him even though child protection has been contacted (darn right I did!), and started an investigation, even though the "special little girl doctor" told them the then 7 yr old has a "hole" and herpes, even though her then 8yr old was trying to commmit suicide, the one that screams and runs out of the room when presented with a skirt (a gift at xmas), even though the then 7yr old had special "butt-cream" kept at her father's house. This so called cream turned out to be a scar-ointment when I finally got to see it. Strange how he had to apply it on her in the basement. Stranger still is how he must help them get dressed like they were toddlers which they are not. Strange how he likes to sit with one of them on the couch with both their hands under the covers, strange how they still sleep with their father. Strange how the eldest made a comment about a spool of rope "Now you can tie her to the bed!" (she was talking of his then girlfriend). Strange, I pray they tell and get help. I pray a brick lands on their mother's head and knocks some sense into her. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS WORTH SACRIFICING YOUR KIDS FOR!! I pray she reads this and gets them help and JUSTICE. They need to know it's not their fault, that somebody cares, that MOMMY WILL DO THE RIGHT THING. HEY WOMAN PUT HIS A$$ IN JAIL ALREADY!! I pray for them....

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Comments for A Prayer for Breezy an Abused Child

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Jan 17, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Thank you for sharing this story with my visitors and me. I so applaud that you've reported what you suspect...keep reporting whenever you see signs that these children are being abused. And you point out some signs that everyone needs to be aware of.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
Webmaster: www.child-abuse-effects.com
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jan 19, 2010
Trust your basic and natural insticts'
by: maurice

Yes, you sure are in a predicament but you are a caring concerned neighbour, friend, family member who seem to be close enough to share what you have about these children. He does seem to be an abusrer of these innocents. Again it is akward for you especially when you cannot prove anything against him. Your suspicions seem to be well founded so don't give up on these beautiful children. (special) You are a good person. Darlene, well as always gives your acknowledgement and encouragement to do what you know is the best for these children. Don't be afraid because that is what we all feel at times when we get a hint that abuse is happening in certain families in our neighbourhood. Tell the truth in love and respect of these children as you see it. The truth will set them free.

Jan 29, 2010
more signs
by: Nothermom

Unfortunately I don't see the family anymore. The mom won't talk to me and the father moved away. The scary thing is when they go to his house they have nobody to turn to now, he's thousands of miles from any family or friends. I keep praying for them though as they still haunt me. Breezy is a smart girl, I keep telling myself. She's got guts too, more than her baby sister who was his favorite. She (the youngest) knows this and is always throwing it in Breezy's face.( for example, when asked what they should have for dinner, the youngest stated her preference then, when Breezy was asked she said "It doesn't matter, we'll get what she wants anyways" and gestured towards her sister). That's why I pray for Breezy to tell,as the younger one wouldn't want to give up her special "status" in the family, where she just have to give him a "look" and he gives in to everything she demands as if she's blackmailing him. Yes even at 7 she was like this. She's older now, I hope she's learnt that HE LIED to her. Her behavior was very provocative around him it was CREEPY, like she was his GF trying to seduce. UGH!

From Darlene: Nothermom, while I understand your love of Breezy and your feelings about her, this is the second time you've villainized Breezy's younger sister; and I can't let this keep going. Whether you recognize it or not, Breezy's younger sister IS being abused. Not only has she been taught that she is more "special" than her bigger sister and thus being subjected to a form of neglect, from what you describe, she may well be enduring sexual abuse at the hands of her father. So I ask that you please refrain from demonizing a child who is caught up in an abusive home. You don't know what you don't know. The demon here is NOT Breezy's sister.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
Webmaster: www.child-abuse-effects.com
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Feb 08, 2010
We know who the villian is
by: Nothermom

Dear Darlene, I'm sorry if it seems I'm demonizing the youngest sister. It wasn't my intention. It was my intention to show how the provocative, sexualized, creepy behavior of the "favorite" is also a sign of sexual abuse. I think she got rewarded for her participation in her own victimization. As for Breezy, I think her abuse was presented as punishment, as her father is an educated man who knows that she doesn't like to talk about when she was "bad", that no child likes to appear "bad", and to make the importantance of appearing "perfect" a family priority goes to the covering up HIS crimes. The youngest has a perfectionist mindset and gets very upset, screaming and carrying on like a 3 yr old when something isn't as "perfect" as she wants or was told to want. She's the child that cries over a simple accident like dribbling spaghetti sauce on her shirt. Breezy isn't so much a perfectionist, but she's overly concerned that anything and everything that happens is going to be her fault. That she is to blame. I tried to talk to the both of them about how being human doesn't mean being perfect and how parents and adults aren't perfect, don't know everything and sometimes make mistakes. I got resented big-time for that. Father knows best is his motto and doesn't want his children to know otherwise...He runs the house like a monarch. Even when he was married, the house was his castle. Everything was his choice, from the furnishings to the paint on the walls..His wife had no say, not even in the kitchen.

Sep 30, 2010
We need to be voices for the ones that are to scared or can't
by: Anonymous

I am glad you reported this. Good for you. We need to speak and be the voices for the ones that are to scared or can't speak up for themselfs.

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