Writing Since I was 8

by Christina B
(Philadelphia, USA)

Crying Through My Veins: 
For years, I've written poetry. I can remember starting to write as young as about 8. My abuse, however, started with me as young as 6 months (so I've been told by a much older sibling)... I was the singled out one who was abused... So, I spent much time in my room, alone, writing away. We were too poor for TV, toys (well, for me anyway and I didn't dare touch my younger sister's stuff for fear of being beaten to death) and other things to spend my time with.

I found writing, even at 8, made me feel like another person. I am very emotional and ALWAYS put others first. For example, when I would be writing (and my writings have ALWAYS been sad - I've yet to write a happy one) I would envision other children who were parentless, alone and afraid, even more so than me. This would usually induce my tears, and they would fall freely. This would infuriate my writing and I would begin to write so rapidly, so intensely that I HONESTLY did not really know what I wrote about until it was done. It almost never needed revision, either.

I started showing my poetry to friends who told me it was amazing. They in turn would show it to teachers and their parents who actually requested copies of it.

As I got a bit older, I started submitting my poetry into various contests... I won two and others I have gotten published in books, around the US, for free!

My poetry is my life. All the hurt, all of the agony and fear, all of the loneliness pours through my veins and lands on paper, along with my tears. Where, when I'm completed, I put my book away, leave it there and walk away. I then feel as though I've physically departed the pain from my body, and feel that I am able to leave it there for a bit.

Without my writing, I honestly would have probably gone mad... or worse... I've attached a sample of my work... for anyone who may care to read it (see Child Abuse Story From Christina B on this site)...

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