Witnessing Violence as Emotional Child Abuse

by BMW Princess

Witnessing violence is emotional abuse.

It does not matter if the violence is directed at a parent sibling or stranger.A parent should be a good role model. In the case of children it is a case of monkey see monkey do. If a child sees mom or dad use violence how will she deal with problems? It is a parent's job to provide a good example. The second reason witnessing violence is child abuse is that a small child sees the parent as in control. If a child sees a parent lose control they they think will mommy/daddy be in control enough to care for me? I know nobody is perfect but being a parent is a big responsibility. It is not rocket science Do not use violence in front of a child. The situation becomes more difficult if violence is directed at the other parent or sibling. The child usually loves and empathizes with the victim of violence and fears for his/her safety. The child might even fear that the abusive parent might kill the non abusive parent or sibling. Intentionally causing fear is emotional abuse. If the parent uses I was mad or Your brother was bad as an excuse the child might wonder what happens when the parent is mad at him or her. I was mad also puts the burden for the parent`s actions onto the child. Such a heavy burden for tiny shoulders. Being a parent is about putting a tiny person`s needs before your own. Putting a childs needs before petty grievances hate for your or ex or a need for revenge. Emotional abuse is an underestimated form of maltreatment. Exposure to violence is even less understood.
Written by BMW Princess in Las Vegas Nevada Dedicated to Phadrea

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